LG’s Shin Min-jae tries for first stolen base title aims for Jeong Soo-bindo title

Kim Hye-sung tries for second stolen base in two years

In baseball, giving up a run to an opponent’s quick feet can be more painful and devastating than hitting a home run. Having the ability to steal an extra base in a tight situation can be a huge weapon.

The LG Twins, who lead the regular season, 성인웹툰 have stolen 110 bases this year. Agile baserunning is one of their driving forces.

LG is on a good pace compared to Kiwoom (39 stolen bases), who has the fewest team steals this year.

LG has speedy players like Shin Min-jae (25 steals), Moon Sung-joo (15 steals), Hong Chang-ki (15 steals), Oh Ji-hwan (14 steals), and Park Hae-min (12 steals). When they’re on base, opposing batters are in trouble.

Shin Min-jae’s performance has been remarkable. A player who once thought about retiring is now a key player for LG.

With his quick feet, Shin Min-jae has always been a player who struggled with his bat. This year, however, he has improved his batting average and is getting more chances to steal bases. He has 25 stolen bases in 79 games.

Shin Min-jae has the ability to throw off the timing of opposing batters, and he has the ability to slide nimbly with his speed. He is on track to become the first player to reach 30 stolen bases since his debut.

Shin Min-jae is looking to become the first LG stolen base king in 13 years after Lee Dae-hyung (2007-2010).

In terms of speed, Jung Soo-bin and Kim Hesung are not far behind Shin.

In 92 games this year, 일본야동 Jeong has stolen 24 bases thanks to his breathtaking baserunning. He stole five bases in eight games this month, setting the stage for a title run.

He is also looking to win his first career stolen base title. He is also looking to break the record for most steals in a single season (32).

Kim Hye-sung (Kiwoom Heroes), the 2021 stolen base champion (46), is third in the category with 21 stolen bases this year.

However, Kim has been on a downward spiral since July, with just four stolen bases so far. Her stolen base pace has slowed down along with her team’s decline.

Kim has the highest stolen base success rate (87.5%) among players with 15 or more stolen bases. Shin Min-jae has a 73.5 percent success rate and Jeong Soo-bin has an 85.7 percent success rate.

However, Kiwoom’s low number of remaining games (40) could also work against Kim Hye-sung. 한국야동 Doosan has 10 more games remaining than Kiwoom.

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