‘30% Win Rate’ KCC Head Coach Jeon Chang-jin “I feel like I’m doing something wrong”

“I think we’re doing something wrong,” sighed Busan KCC head coach Jeon Chang-jin, whose team’s winning percentage has dropped to 30 percent, despite being the favorite to win the title.

KCC lost 81-96 to Daegu Korea Gas Corporation in a home game of the 2023-2024 regular season at Busan’s Sajik Gymnasium on Friday afternoon.

“I think we need to find out what we’re doing wrong quickly,” Jeon said with a stern expression at the postgame press conference.

“I need to find out what’s wrong, and that’s the most urgent problem,” said Jeon, adding, “The defense as a whole is bad. Both domestic and foreign players, we have to solve it somehow, and then we can play.”

KCC, which raised expectations by bringing in Choi Jun-yong, one of the best forwards in professional basketball, after the end of last season, has already lost seven games (three wins).

With just one win and six losses in their last seven games, KCC has fallen into an extreme slump, with their winning percentage dropping to 30 percent.

Expectations that the addition of national team forward Song Kyo-chang, who completed his military service with the Korean Armed Forces Athletic Corps, would improve the team’s performance were dashed by the defeat to KOGAS, which snapped a 10-game losing streak at home.

Earlier in the day at the same venue, Busan-based women’s team BNK lost 54-63 to Bucheon Hana OneQ before falling to KCC, 안전카지노사이트 making the first men’s and women’s professional basketball doubleheader in Korea a heartbreaker for the home team.

After losing the lead early on, Jeon made a game-changing decision to insert Song Kyo-chang with five minutes left in the second quarter.

Still recovering from his injury, Song had yet to regain his pre-injury form as one of the most mobile forwards on the team, but Jeon felt he needed him on the court.

After giving up a whopping 24 points to opposing guard Samjosef Belangel in the first half, KCC used Song as a dedicated defender to temporarily curb Belangel’s three-point shooting, but the team’s overall deficit ballooned to 96 points.

“It’s a matter of will,” said Jeon, who stressed before the game that defense depends on the players’ will, “but I think the technical part of defense is also weak. They don’t seem to be breathing well.”

Meanwhile, Kang Hyuk, the acting head coach of Korea Gas Corporation, who had a difficult time getting out of a 10-game losing streak, said, “The players wanted to win until the end. They showed concentration and sacrifice,” he said.

“The losing streak was too long, and we didn’t show a good face to the Daegu fans. I think this game has given us the strength to show a good performance.” 온라인카지노

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