The SSG Landers infield will be rebuilt next year

The SSG Landers infield will be rebuilt next year. This is because both veteran infielder Choi Joo-hwan and first-team call-up “number one” Choi Hang left through the second round of the draft.

The SSG wrap-up camp ended on the 24th of last month. The camp aimed to develop promising players through intense technical training under the second-team coach Son Si-heon. It was a more careful finishing camp than ever before.

SSG is a team that is in urgent need of developing young players because there are so many seniors on the team. We had to develop them into players who can be utilized as first-team starters and backups next season.

After the conclusion of the final camp, Coach Sohn said, “We finished training smoothly as planned during the camp. We focused on training to strengthen the basics and prepare for the real game, 먹튀검증 and we confirmed the players’ potential. It was a meaningful camp where the players could find their own deficiencies and fill them.”

Pitcher Lee Kun-wook and infielder Ahn Sang-hyun were selected as the camp MVPs.

Ahn said, “In this camp, I tried to develop my stable defense and accurate hitting ability. I will prepare to play a lot of games next season by improving my body from this winter,” he said.

Ahn is an infielder with good defense and contact ability, which is what SSG is looking for in a player. Choi Joo-hwan, who alternated between second and first base, went to Kiwoom, and Choi Hang, who was the number one call-up in the infield, went to Lotte, so the competition for first base will be fierce again.

However, Ahn Sang-hyun is not the only player to keep an eye on in the final camp. They are fourth-year outfielder Jeon Eui-san and sixth-year infielder Choi Jun-woo, who were put on hold due to military enlistment.

Jeon thought about joining the military after this season.

However, the club discouraged him. They wanted him to delay his enlistment and play more baseball next year. Jeon wasn’t even on the roster for the final camp, but he was added after discussions with the team.

Jeon batted just 2-for-1 with four home runs and 21 RBIs in 56 games for the first team this year. Injuries and slumps prevented him from showing his full potential. He has both power and speed, and was considered to have the talent to be a center fielder in the SSG if he could improve his defense at first base. However, he delayed his enlistment and gritted his teeth.

Last year, Oh Tae-gon and Choi Ju-hwan alternated at first base. Can Jeon Ui-san take over the position?

Jun-woo Choi should also be on the radar. Choi Jun-woo has been recognized for his batting prowess. Last year, he batted 3-for-4 with 9 RBIs in 79 games for the Commerce. This year, after being released from the military in September, he hit .366 in 36 games for the second team. In 38 games with the first team, he hit 2 for 6 with 7 RBIs.

The potential is there.

However, Choi’s defense was also a concern. “When I was in the mercantile industry, I didn’t play good defense. So he had to improve his defense again.

Luckily, Son, who was a “defense master” during his playing days, took the helm of the Futures team. 안전놀이터 Choi was in good hands. “I’m training with a lot of emphasis on defense,” he said. We talked a lot with Coach Son and focused on the things that didn’t go well this season.”

“I grew up watching him play a lot,” Choi said, “and he instills a lot of confidence in me. He finds the right training method for me. I feel like I’m getting better quickly because I understand and practice.”

From Ahn Sang-hyun to Jeon Eui-san and Choi Jun-woo, the question is whether they will be able to compensate for their deficiencies and lead the team as central players in the first team next season.

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