‘Coach and player feel sorry for each other’ after nosebleed from spike…teammates hold back laughter

‘I’m sorry for the nosebleed, but it’s hard to hold back the laughter’

OK Financial Group defeated Woori Card 3-1 (25-19 25-15 21-25 25-23) in straight sets in the fourth round of the 2023-2024 Dodram V League Men’s Division at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on Tuesday.

With the win, OK Financial Group recorded its first four-game winning streak of the season in the fourth round and moved into fourth place, ahead of Hyundai Capital with 12 wins, 토토 10 losses and 33 points.

 Substitute Woori Card’s Kim Wan-jong suffered a nosebleed after being hit by an opponent’s spike.  In the fourth set, when OK Financial Group led 20-14, Kim Wan-jong held his serve and then went on defense. 

OK Financial Group’s Shin Seong-jin accurately received Kim Wan-jong’s serve and sent it up to Kwak Myung-woo. Standing high in the center of the court, Song Hee-chae attempted a strong backhand attack. The ball hit Kim Wanjong right in the face. The ball went back to the OK Financial Group court.  Kim Wanjong’s dig was worth the pain.

Again, the ball was relayed, Issei dug, Kim Wanjong put it back up, and Matei scored a back-attack point.  Kim Wanjong wiped a trickle of blood from his own nose.

Oh Jae-sung, who was handing out tissues from his trainer, was holding back his laughter, and Kim Wan-jong, seeing this, also laughed as he wiped his nose with a tissue.  

OK Financial Group Massage Director Ogino also raised his hand to apologize to Kim Wanjong and the Woori Card bench after being hit in the cheek. Song Hee Chae also apologized to Kim Wan Jong.

After the match, OK Financial Group’s Song Hee-chae crossed the court to apologize to Kim Wan-jong again, and they parted ways with a pat on the back.

OK Financial Group was dominant in all aspects of the game: attacking, blocking, and serving. Leo scored a team-high 36 points with a 57.69% attack percentage, followed by Shin Shin-jin with 11 points and Chae Chahwan with 10 points.

After relaying the ball back, Issei digs, Kim Wanjong set up, and Matei scored on a back-attack attack. 

Video replay request… Kim Wan-jong wipes his nose with a tissue

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