Kim Woo-min, who challenges ‘Park Tae-hwan’s path’, “Goal of 3 minutes and 41 seconds in the 400m freestyle”

 Last year, Kim Woo-min (22, Gangwon Provincial Office) won three gold medals at the Hangzhou Asian Games, clearly proving that Hwang Sun-woo (21, Gangwon Provincial Office) is not the only Korean swimmer.What greatly helped Kim Woo-min’s rapid growth was the two field training sessions held in Australia last year.Kim Woo-min, who was able to handle incredibly intense training without difficulty due to his ‘steel stamina’ that rarely gets tired, has rapidly improved his skills.Kim Woo-min, who is leaving for Australia again after a year, now has his sights set on the world stage.

Kim Woo-min said at a press conference before leaving for training in Gold Coast, Australia through Incheon International Airport on the 5th, “When I go to Australia, I will have new training in a new environment and with a new coach. If I adapt well to such training, I will get good results.” I expected that.In Australia, where the seasons are opposite to those of Korea, it is now midsummer.Unlike Korea, where most swimming pools are indoors, 토토사이트 most swimming pools in Australia, a swimming powerhouse, are outdoor.

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