’30th anniversary’ Jeonbuk unveils ‘Pioneer Legacy’ new jerseys…reflecting glorious history and heritage→First appearance against Ulsan on April 30

Jeonbuk Hyundai will unveil a special new jersey to commemorate its 30th anniversary.

The “Pioneer Legacy” new jersey, which reflects the vision of the club’s slogan, “Progressive Pioneer,” and its 30-year history of glory, will debut at the club’s home match against Ulsan HD on March 30.

The ‘Pioneer Legacy’ is not a retro revival of an old design, but a new ‘newtro’ uniform created by Jeonbuk and Adidas 안전 토토사이트 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the club’s founding.

The ‘Pioneer Legacy’ jersey is green, Jeonbuk’s iconic color, with yellow, the pre-2000 color, on the sleeve lines. On the front of the jersey, the Jeonbuk Dinos emblem, the first logo of Jeonbuk, is attached to capture the meaning of the 30th anniversary.

In particular, the number on the back of the jersey forms the ’30YEARS’ lettering that symbolizes the 30th anniversary in the numbers, and the color is gold, which symbolizes glory, making it a design that combines both the premium of the ‘Newtro’ jersey and the majesty of the 30th anniversary.

The new ‘Pioneer Legacy’ jersey will be worn for five home games in Jeonbuk, starting with the game against Ulsan on April 30, and the back advertisement will be branded with Kumho Tire, with whom Jeonbuk signed an official partnership in February.

The ‘Pioneer Legacy’ jersey will be available for purchase from April 2 through Jeonbuk’s official MD shop.

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