Despite Player Requests, KIA is Considering Selecting a New Coach

“Please Appoint me Quickly”… Despite Player Requests, KIA is Considering Selecting a New Coach

The professional baseball KIA Tigers are being cautious in selecting a new manager.

Last weekend, the KIA club narrowed down the candidates for a new manager to the first round and entered

into comprehensive discussions with its parent company, Hyundai-Kia Motors Group. 카지노사이트

KIA Tigers

The best scenario for KIA, which quickly put the team together after the sudden dismissal of former coach Kim Jong-guk,

is for the new coach to greet the players before the end of the first spring camp in Canberra, Australia, which runs until the 20th.

However, due to the four-day Lunar New Year holiday from the 9th to the 12th,

the process of appointing a director may be delayed longer than expected.

The candidate recommended on site may be different from the candidate selected by the parent company,

and interviews must be held for director candidates in the meantime.

Time is not on KIA Tigers’s side.

Shim Jae-hak

KIA general manager Shim Jae-hak, who was supposed to travel to Canberra with the players to support them locally as planned,

is currently stranded in Gwangju while looking for a new coach.

Director Shim said on the 6th, “I am in frequent contact with CEO Choi Jun-young and share the director selection process,”

“Considering the schedule of candidate compression, interviews, and Lunar New Year holidays,

I cannot say for sure when a new director will be appointed. “He said.

He continued, “We are listening to various opinions and public opinion and are carefully considering the appointment of a new coach.”

However, Director Shim added that he hopes that the players training in Australia will appoint a new captain as soon as possible.

General Manager Shim introduced the current team atmosphere,

saying, “I have no choice but to ask senior players through phone calls and messages what I need to do to support the players locally,

and most of them were hoping that a new coach would be appointed quickly.”

KIA is looking for a leader who can lead the current team that was suddenly hit by a stray bullet,

produce good results, and be good at communicating with players,

but leaders with all three virtues are very rare in Korean professional baseball.

Therefore, depending on who is selected as KIA’s new captain,

the direction of the Tigers’ team operation after this year or next year is expected to be clearly revealed.

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