‘V-League Most 625 Gs’ Yeo Oh-hyun’s new start…”It’s my first challenge, it will be hard, but I will learn well”

‘Eternal Libero’ Yeo Oh-hyun has moved on from playing to coaching. She has begun her second life as the head coach of the women’s professional volleyball team IBK.

The 2024 Korea Volleyball Organization (KOVO) foreign player tryouts kicked off in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on July 7 (local time). Men’s professional volleyball legend Yeo Oh-hyun was also present as the head coach of IBK.

IBK had been coached by Lee Young-taek until the 2023-24 season, but his appointment as the new head coach of 토토사이트 GS Caltex left a gap. Kim Ho-cheol joined forces with head coach Yeo Oh-hyun.

“I’ve been with the team since the Asia Quarter on April 29 in Jeju Island,” said Yeo at the NAS Sports Complex, where the tryout scrimmage was held. It’s been about nine days now. I’m still a little nervous. There are many things to adapt to. I need to learn more,” he said honestly.

In particular, Kim Ho-cheol had a close relationship with Yeo Oh-hyun, his ‘protégé’ when he was at the helm of Hyundai Capital. “I thought it would be okay to start under a good coach. I thought it would be very helpful for me to learn from him, so I made the decision,” Yeo said.

Born in 1978, Yeo played 20 seasons as an original member of the V-League. She played 625 games, the most in the history of both the men’s and women’s leagues. She still ranks first all-time in reception accuracy (8005), first in digs (5219), and first in combined reception and defense (13224).

Coach Yeo Oh-hyun said, “I think I let go of my regrets about my athletic career while thinking about my second life,” adding, “I played volleyball happily. I received a lot of consideration from the team, and I worked hard. When I think of Yeo Oh-hyun as a volleyball player, I would appreciate it if you remember her as a passionate, steady, and fighting player,” she said calmly.

This is Oh Hyun Yeo, who started her career in women’s volleyball instead of men’s. Currently, there are many coaches in women’s professional volleyball who played men’s volleyball. Yeo’s arrival was met with a lot of attention. “The first words of the coaches and managers of the women’s team were, ‘It’s hard,'” he said. Coach Ko Hee-jin also asked me, ‘Why are you here?’ I replied, ‘I know it’s hard, but I’ll do my best,'” he smiled.

“I don’t have experience in women’s volleyball either, so I’m listening carefully to what the coach is saying. I’m still learning,” she added.

The challenge is not easy, but the goal is clear. “IBK did a good job recruiting free agents this season, and even though I was on the men’s team, I recruited myself,” Yeo laughs, before adding, “I think the team should win the championship. I hope our players will show on the court that they are playing volleyball brighter than last season.”

“Volleyball is the same ball and the same players,” he concluded. I hope the players will show their fighting and fun volleyball on the court,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, IBK also signed Chinese setter Chen Xintong through the Asia Quarter. After last season’s teammate, Ponpun Gedpard, withdrew from the AsiaQuota, IBK opted to bolster its setter lineup again. In free agency, the team signed veteran outside hitter Lee So-young and middle blocker Lee Ju-ah. With Brittany Abercrombie, who wore the IBK jersey last season, also leaving Korea, the team is looking for a new outside hitter to take the reins for the upcoming 2024-25 season.

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