ASEAN-Korea Centre hosts sustainable waste management seminar in Laos

Investment and Market Research Mission Banner / Courtesy of ASEAN-Korea Centre

The ASEAN-Korea Centre hosted a seminar on ASEAN-Korea sustainable waste management in Vientiane, Laos, from Tuesday to Wednesday. The event was part of the center’s 2024 Investment and Market Research Mission, aimed at fostering business networking and enhancing cooperation between Korea and the five Mekong ASEAN countries: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

Representatives from government agencies and the private sector of the waste management industry participated in the seminar, which included three key events: the Mekong-Korea Sustainable Waste Management Seminar, a site visit to the Integrated Resources Recovery Centre and the Mekong-Korea Waste Management Business Technology Sharing and Networking Session.

Since its establishment in 2009, the ASEAN-Korea Centre has organized investment and market research missions to explore investment opportunities across various industries, strengthening ASEAN-Korea cooperation.

This year’s mission focused on the critical and promising sector of waste management, highlighting its importance in promoting regional 안전한카지노 environmental, social and corporate governance trends and building a circular economy within the ASEAN Economic Community.

The seminar aimed to raise awareness, deepen economic exchanges and foster partnerships between ASEAN and Korea, showcasing the center’s commitment to strengthening cooperation across diverse industries.

Participants visited the Integrated Resources Recovery Centre on Wednesday to learn about waste management facilities in Laos.

This was followed by a briefing on the Riverine Plastic Monitoring Program at the Mekong River Commission headquarters. The day concluded with a visit to the Vientiane City Office for Management and Service to gain insights into the status and challenges of waste management in the city.

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