‘Drug use’ Oh Jae-won excommunicated, where will it end?

A total of 29 people have been confirmed to have been involved in the prescription and imprisonment of former professional baseball player Oh Jae-won (39). Nine of them were Doosan Bears players.

According to police on Tuesday, the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul sent 29 people to prosecutors on charges of violating the Narcotic Drugs Control Act, including prescribing and delivering psychotropic drugs Stilnox and Xanax tablets to Oh Jae-won or supplying him with large amounts of etomidate. The director of a hospital in the Seoul metropolitan area, who illegally sold a large amount of etomidate, a general anesthetic, to Oh’s acquaintances, was also caught.

The 29 people included 13 former and current baseball players. Nine of the current baseball players were affiliated with Doosan, and a trainer was also allegedly involved.

Parents of students at Oh’s baseball academy were also allegedly solicited by him.

Doosan has been conducting its own investigation since late March, when the issue of Oh’s proxy prescriptions came to light. In early April, 카지노사이트 추천 eight active players reported to the KBO’s Clean Baseball Center that they had been prescribed sleeping pills by proxy and handed them to Oh.

The trainer also informed the club that he had prescribed sleeping pills to Oh. In mid-April, Doosan reported the trainer to the KBO Clean Baseball Center.

The trainer was removed from his duties.

The trainer reportedly told Doosan that “Oh Jae-won complained that the medicine was ‘too necessary for my family,’ so I prescribed it for him.”

Meanwhile, Oh is facing trial on charges of habitual drug use and bribery. Police have been investigating his associates since March, when they sent him to prosecutors.

Police believe that Oh Jae-won began taking drugs from acquaintances in early 2020 after they were prescribed to him. Oh, who retired from the military in October 2022, is said to have been a habitual drug user since his active duty days.

Police traced the source of Oh’s supply of etomidate and found that his aunt, an acquaintance of Oh’s, had purchased thousands of ampoules of etomidate from two officials, including the director of a hospital in the Seoul metropolitan area, without going through normal medical procedures and prescriptions. Etomidate is a general anesthetic that is often referred to as the second propofol. However, unlike propofol, which is designated as a psychotropic drug, etomidate is only designated as a specialty drug, so the hospital officials were charged with violating the Pharmacy Act.

Oh Jae-won joined the Doosan Bears in 2007 and retired in 2022. In 16 seasons, he played in 1,571 games, batting .266 with 64 home runs, 289 doubles, 521 RBIs, and 678 runs scored. He led the team to three Korean Series titles with his charisma. He also represented his country at the 2014 Asian Games and 2015 Premier12.

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