‘Head Price Controversy’ Ulsan’s Lee Kyu-sung Disciplined…Chukcheon “I pushed him”

(SEOUL) By Ahn Hong-seok = A player who punched an opponent in professional soccer’s K League 1 is expected to face controversy after the Korea Football Association ruled that it was not a disciplinary offense. Early in the second half of the Hana OneQ K League 2023 22nd Round match between Incheon United and Ulsan Hyundai at the Incheon Football Stadium on Nov. 12, Ulsan’s Lee Kyu-sung swung his right arm and hit Incheon’s Moon Ji-hwan in the head. Moon Ji-hwan lay on the ground holding his head, but the referee at the time made no call. The video went viral on the internet soccer community and social media, outraging soccer fans. Fans were especially interested in whether Lee Kyu-sung would be disciplined afterward, as he was the perpetrator카지노사이트of the recent “social media racism incident” that shook the professional soccer world. The video that went viral captured the incident from a distance toward the dugout, but the video assistant referee (VAR) system captured the incident from a different angle. After analyzing the VAR footage from multiple angles, the KFA found Lee Kyu-sung’s behavior problematic and immediately questioned the KFA’s refereeing committee after the 22nd round.

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