Klinsmann: “We need to improve our finishing…we want to win the Asian Cup”

Jürgen Klinsmann, the head coach of the Korean National Football Team, has called an unusual press conference. He reviewed the four A matches he has played since taking over in March. He said that the most important thing is the Asian Cup next January, and he wants to win it. Reporter Jung Ju-hee.Coach Klinsmann, who has been winless in the four A matches he has played since taking over, seemed to be trying to soothe the chilly public opinion. nHe emphasized that he would deliver results as soon as possible, but said it would take a little more time to show the colors of Klinsmann’s football. “I think we should have won all four games, and I think it depends on what combination of players we put in the team, that we can show our colors.” As for what needs to be improved, Klinsmann cited issues with goalkeeping and defensive organization. Klinsmann’s men were held scoreless against Peru, losing 0-1.Against El Salvador, they blew several scoring chances and conceded a last-minute equalizer. “I need to be a striker who can keep scoring goals, I need to be more decisive in the box, and defensively we can’t concede with three minutes to go against El Salvador.” As for the ‘two-top’ system, he gave a negative diagnosis. Against Peru, the team used Hwang Hee-chan and Oh Hyun-gyu as the two-tops, while against El Salvador, the team experimented with Hwang Eui-jo-Gyu-sung and Hwang Eui-jo-Hyun-gyu combinations.카지노사이트“Korean players have difficulty with the ‘two-top’ system. They lack the understanding of crossing movements and Coach Klinsmann says that the number of players going abroad is increasing and that the status of Korean soccer is rising, “I think we will see Korean players entering top French clubs soon, and top German clubs will also have the honor of having Korean representatives He said he would prepare for a better result in Europe in September and emphasized that the team’s goal is to win the Asian Cup in Qatar next January.

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