US faces heatwave, rising water temperatures risking coral reefs.

Coral reefs are said to be highly sensitive to climate change.

Extreme heat has put coral reefs in Florida at risk.

The Miami waterfront recently broke its record for highest daily water temperature for four consecutive days.

Abnormally high water temperatures can push coral reefs to the brink of extinction.

Healthy coral reefs are brown in color.

But when exposed to too much sunlight, they turn white, known as bleaching, and eventually die.

[Andrew Baker/Professor of Marine Biology, University of Miami: “We’re seeing marine heat waves in the Caribbean, and Belize, in particular, is already experiencing quite a bit of coral reef bleaching.”]

Florida looks like Belize a month ago.

Florida’s coral reefs attract a wide variety of fish, 먹튀검증토토사이트 generating billions of dollars for the economy through fishing and tourism.

If the reefs disappear, the state could lose a natural defense system, especially along the coast, during hurricane landfall.

Scientists are studying coral reefs that can survive high water temperatures.

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