Japan faces rising food costs during school vacations.

A surprising number of economically disadvantaged families worry about food costs during summer vacation, when school lunches stop.

A nonprofit corporation surveyed more than 1,300 economically disadvantaged families and found that 90% of them were worried about the rising cost of food during the summer vacation.

It was also found that 40% of them spent 110 yen on food per person, which is less than 1,000 yen of our money.

[Hiroko Tanaka/Nonprofit: “100 yen ($900) per meal is a very low amount, it’s really serious.”]

In this eight-person family with six children, the mother works part-time five days a week and the father works as a contractor.

Because of this, during school vacations, the kids stay home and eat instant noodles and other meals.

[Mother: “The family’s food bill is about 70,000 yen ($630,000). All told, we spend more than we earn.”]

Since the kids are at home all day, 카지노사이트킴 the gas and electricity bills are also higher.

The for-profit corporation urgently plans to raise money through crowdfunding to deliver groceries to 2,700 families in need.

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