Kicks challenges to win the Baduk League for the second time in a row Shin Jin-seo “Win ​​for 3 consecutive years”

 Eight teams from the KB Kookmin Bank Baduk League, the largest league in Korea, boldly entered the competition ahead of the opening of the 2023-2024 season.Eight teams, including the ‘defending champion’ Kixx, announced their aspirations for victory at the media day held at the Eliena Hotel in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 19th.Coach Kim Young-hwan of the Kicks, who retained five starting players from last season, expressed confidence, saying, “If the players show the same skills they showed in last year’s postseason, a second consecutive victory is quite possible.”Shin Jin-seo also expressed his determination, saying, “Whenever I meet a team, I think I’ve been there for 3 years. Since I met Kicks as a great opportunity, I want to challenge for the championship for 3 years in a row.”

Coach Choi Myung-hoon of Jeongkwan Jangcheonnok, who finished second after being blocked by the Kicks, responded, “We are a team with a good balance between old and new for each age group. We will achieve better results than last year because there is a special redemption day for the ace match.”In the fan vote, Kix (48%) was selected as the team with the highest probability of winning, followed by Wonik (13%) and Baduk Mecca Uijeongbu (11%). On this day, Shin Jin-seo showed his composure and confidence as the ‘absolute best’ in Korean Baduk.This year, he became the first professional baduk player to win both the Eungssi Cup and the Asian Games at the same time, and also surpassed the 100-win mark per year for the first time.He is also set to break the record for the most prize money per year.When asked what record he is aiming for next year, Shin Jin-seo leisurely replied, “I have no greed for records because I think I have set enough records.”Regarding the amount he would like if the annual salary system is introduced in the Baduk League, he said, “If the annual salary system is introduced, I think (fans will be able to enjoy Baduk) more,” and 카지노사이트킹 “(earlier) Kang Dong-yoon said 100 million won, so I will set it at 500 million won.” He said it wittily.

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