Professional basketball coach Eun Hee-seok of Samsung resigns Kim Hyo-beom’s acting system

Coach Eun Hee-seok of the professional basketball team Seoul Samsung, which was ranked last in the league, voluntarily resigned on the 21st.Samsung said, “Coach Eun Hee-seok took responsibility for the poor performance and announced his intention to voluntarily resign,” and added, “The club accepted this after careful consideration.”This season, Samsung is in last place with 4 wins and 18 losses.For the remainder of the season, Coach Kim Hyo-beom will serve as acting head coach and lead the team.

Acting coach Kim Hyo-beom said, “We will set the tone well in the remaining games and achieve the final result.”Acting Director Kim will lead Samsung starting from the away game against Korea Gas Corporation in Daegu on the 23rd.Dae-haeng Kim, who graduated from Vanguard University in the U.S., joined Ulsan Mobis as the second pick in the first round of the 2005 KBL draft and played at Seoul SK and Jeonju KCC.After finishing his professional career in 2017, Assistant Manager Kim gained coaching experience at his alma mater, Vanguard University, and at Grand Rapids Drive, a G League club affiliated with the National Basketball Association (NBA) 무료슬롯게임 Detroit Pistons. He will continue his leadership career as a coach at Samsung starting in 2021. come.

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