3 B-boys and 2 B-girls Participate in the Paris Olympic Preliminaries

3 B-boys and 2 B-girls Participate in the Paris Olympic Preliminaries… Challenge to the Olympics

B-boy Kim Heon-woo, Kim Hong-yeol, Park In-su… The B-girls are Jeon Ji-ye and Kwon Seong-hee.

Five Korean athletes, including B-boy Kim Heon-woo (Wing), Kim Hong-yeol (Hong10), and B-girl Jeon Ji-ye (Freshbella),

will advance to the breaking preliminary round,

which was adopted as an official event at the 2024 Paris Olympics, and aim to qualify for the Olympics.

Olympic Qualifier Series

According to the Dance Sports Federation of Korea on the 25th,

five Korean B-boys and B-girls were named to the list of athletes participating in the Olympic Qualifier Series (OQS),

a preliminary round of the Paris Olympics breaking event announced by the World Dance Sports Federation (WDSF).

In the male breaking player B-boy category, Kim Heon-woo, Kim Hong-yeol, and Park In-su (Kill) will participate. 온라인카지노

Kim Heon-woo, a ‘living legend’ in the b-boy world, won a gold medal at the WDSF Asia Breaking Championships

held in Hangzhou, China in July of last year and secured the right to participate in the OQS early on.

Another ‘legend’ and veteran Kim Hong-yeol won a silver medal in the breaking event at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games in September last year, confirming his advancement to OQS.

After a family fight, Park In-su narrowly beat Kim Jong-ho (Leon) and went on to the OQS stage.

Excluding athletes who have earned a direct ticket to the Olympic finals and the right to participate in the OQS through world championships and continental competitions,

the top 14 players with the highest Olympic qualifying points (ranking points) can participate in the Olympic Qualifier Series.

Paris Olympics

Park In-soo and Kim Jong-ho were tied,

accumulating 1,020 ranking points during the calculation period from July 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022.

However, according to WDSF regulations,

the number of b-boys and b-girls that can participate in OQS per country is limited to a maximum of three each.

With Kim Heon-woo and Kim Hong-yeol already confirmed to participate in the OQS,

only one of the two players was able to participate in the OQS,

WDSF granted qualification to Park In-soo, who had better results at the 2022 World Championships.

In the female breaking player B-girl category,

Jeon Ji-ye (Freshbella) and Kwon Seong-hee (Starry) will advance to the finals.

Jeon Ji-ye and Kwon Seong-hee were among the top 14 in terms of ranking points and qualified for OQS.

The 2024 Paris Olympics Breaking Preliminary Olympic Qualifier Series,

featuring national team b-boys and b-girls such as Kim Heon-woo, Kim Hong-yeol, Park In-su, Jeon Ji-ye, and Kwon Seong-hee,

will be held in Shanghai, China (1st round) in May and in Budapest, Hungary (2nd round) in June.

Qualifications to the Paris Olympics finals will be distributed based on the combined results of the two competitions.

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