“Let’s Go! To the Paris Paralympic Games!”

“Let’s Go! To the Paris Paralympic Games!” Training for the National Disabled Team Begins

Sports Association for the Disabled selects 20 outstanding athletes in key sports and provides intensive customized training support

“Let’s go! To the Paris Paralympic Games!” 카지노

Paris Paralympic Games

Athletes from the disabled national team preparing for the 2024 Paris Summer Paralympic Games

pledged to do well at the ‘2024 National Team Training Opening Ceremony’

held at the Icheon Athletes’ Village of the Korea Sports Association for the Disabled in Gyeonggi-do on the 25th.

Joo Jeong-hoon, the national disabled Taekwondo representative, and Kwon Hyun-ah,

the national badminton representative, announced their pledge on behalf of the athletes,

saying, “I will do my best to focus on training.”

Jeong Jin-wan, president of the Korea Sports Association for the Disabled, said, “This year, we will focus on supporting outstanding athletes based on the expanded budget,” and added, “We will communicate with an open mind so that the athletes’ sweat and effort can bear fruit.”

Jang Mi-ran, Second Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, responded, “To raise the morale of the national team,

we will create a stable training environment and actively provide on-site scientific support.”

Deaf Games

On this day, about 200 players, coaches, and sponsor officials attended the training opening ceremony.

The disabled national team will participate in the 2023 Winter Olympics held in Turkye in March and the Paris Paralympic Games in August.

In October, the 2023 Asia-Pacific Deaf Games will be held in Tehran, Iran.

On this day, the Korea Sports Association for the Disabled also announced the ‘2024 Intensive Support Project for Excellent Athletes’.

The Korea Sports Association for the Disabled selects about 20 outstanding athletes from five sports (boccia, badminton, shooting, table tennis, and taekwondo)

with a high possibility of winning medals at the Paris Paralympic Games and provides intensive support with customized training and sports science.

In addition, it helps athletes improve their performance through overseas pre-camps in preparation for the Paris Paralympic Games.

In addition, it was decided to assign five power analysts to the best athlete categories to support players in developing game strategies.

Special training is provided for deaf national team athletes participating in the Winter Deaflympics and the Asia-Pacific Deaf Games. 토토사이트 백링크

Last year, the Korea Sports Association for the Disabled introduced a project to intensively support outstanding athletes,

and 43 of the 54 outstanding athletes from the project who participated in the Hangzhou Asian Para Games succeeded in winning medals.

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