Baseball coach who received money from parents saying he would help him advance to school receives arrest warrant

Gwangju Police Agency

An arrest warrant has been filed for a baseball coach who received tens of millions of won in bribes from parents of elementary school student athletes under the pretext of helping them advance to higher schools.

The Gwangju Police Agency’s Anti-Corruption and Economic Crime Investigation Unit announced on the 17th that it had applied for an arrest warrant for Mr. A (48), the baseball coach of an elementary school in Gwangju, on charges of breach of trust, violation of the Anti-Graft Act, and violation of the Child Welfare Act.

Mr. A is accused of receiving tens of millions of won by requesting money from about 10 parents of elementary school athletes under the pretext of helping their children enter middle school as baseball players.

He is also accused of assaulting members of the baseball team while training them by telling them to ‘make faces’ with baseball bats.

The police, who began an investigation following a complaint from the victim’s parents, considered the charges against Mr. A to be serious and applied for an arrest warrant.

The interrogation of the suspect before arresting Mr. A (review of warrant) is scheduled to be held at the Gwangju District Court on the 18th. 스포츠토토맨

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