Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival success baton National Park Golf Tournament continues

Season open competition on the 5th of next month 1,264 candidates submitted in 5 days

The first national competition to mark the opening of the domestic park golf season will be held in Hwacheon, Gangwon-do, which stands out as the ‘park golf capital’.

Hwacheon Park Golf Course

According to Hwacheon County on the 17th, the County Sports Council will hold the ‘2024 Season Open National Park Golf Tournament’ for two days starting from the 5th of next month at the 1st and 2nd stadiums of Sancheoneo Park Golf Course and Hwacheon Living Sports Park on the Bukhan River in Hwacheon-eup.

As a result of receiving applications for five days from the 8th to the 12th for the competition, 1,264 park golf enthusiasts from all over the country submitted their votes.

This tournament is hosted and organized by the Hwacheon-gun Sports Association, sponsored by Hwacheon-gun, Korea Park Golf Association, and Gangwon-do Park Golf Association, and is held as a men’s and women’s competition.

Each team consists of two people, one general participant and one senior participant.

As befits the name of the first national competition of the season, the male and female winning teams will each receive a prize of 10 million won.

In each division, the total prize money is 5 million won, 3rd place 3 million won, 4th place 2 million won, and 5th place 1 million won, plus event awards, totaling 56.6 million won.

Hwacheon-gun Park Golf Course

The prize money increased by approximately 4.4 million won compared to the previous competition.

As the scale of the competition is large, the first preliminary round will be held on the 23rd, the second round on the 24th, the third round on the 30th, and the fourth preliminary round on the 31st.

In the preliminary round, the finalists are determined in order of the lowest total number of strokes over 18 holes.

In the final match, the total number of strokes for 72 holes is added up and the ranking is determined in order of lowest number of strokes.

Hwacheon-gun plans to continue the success of the Hwacheon Mountain Trout Festival, which is currently being held successfully, with the Park Golf Tournament to revitalize the local economy in the middle of winter. 토토사이트

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