When Wonju City requested an investigation based on the results of the audit regarding suspicions of unfair execution of subsidies by sports organizations affiliated with the Wonju City Sports Council, the organization strongly protested, calling it a “retaliatory audit.” Wonju City announced on the 22nd that it had requested an investigation after conducting a specific audit on the subsidy operation status of the city sports association and found inappropriate matters in subsidy request and execution.This audit was conducted due to suspicions that the Wonju Baseball Softball Association received and executed subsidies in an unfair manner while executing subsidies in the name of staying expenses to participate in competitions for three years from 2020 to 2022.As a result of the audit, it was revealed that the exhibition stay expenses had been unfairly executed for several years by forging submitted documents such as proxy signatures. The city explained that it had confirmed that the exhibition stay fee, which is supposed to be paid to each individual with his or her signature, had been paid unfairly for several years through illegal document forgery on the grounds that it was customary to do so.

They added that they requested supporting materials to confirm actual participation and details of subsidy use, but did not submit them and did not cooperate with normal audit activities.In particular, the city announced that the subsidy enforcement committee confirmed suspicions of inappropriateness, including many subsidy expenditures in regions and time zones unrelated to other game schedules.Based on the results of the audit, the city plans to request an investigation into matters that are handled illegally or unfairly, or are suspicious or require additional confirmation of facts.A city official said, “We will strengthen audit activities to ensure that citizens’ taxes, such as subsidies, are not improperly executed.” In response to this, the Siyagu Softball Association issued a press release on the same day, saying, “The proxy signature was due to the government policy prohibiting face-to-face contact due to the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19),” and added, “At the time, most sports organizations customarily signed all at once through the general secretary of the participating teams.” “I did,” he claimed.

He also emphasized, “The fact that we stayed in a place other than the venue of the competition was done after approval from the city sports council manager when athletes from other regions flocked to the venue and there were no rooms and the prices were high, so it was not an act of embezzlement or illegal use.”The association said, “Out of the 56 sports organizations in the Wonju area, it is questionable whether they requested an investigation by specifically auditing only one organization (Softball Association) for participation expenses, and whether they killed a specific person who took issue with distributing materials defaming the opposing candidate during the 2022 local elections.” mentioned.At the same time, he protested, saying, “The association will also directly request an investigation into all allegations,” and added, “If the charges are not acknowledged, we will file a complaint against Wonju City officials for abuse of power and 카지노사이트킹 obstruction of business.”

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