SSG Landers Camp Armed with Cutting-Edge Equipment

SSG Camp Armed with Cutting-Edge Equipment… It can also be used to Change the Pitcher’s Grip

Professional baseball SSG Landers is preparing for the opening of the 2024 KBO League season by using a variety of cutting-edge equipment at this spring camp.

The SSG club introduced on the 11th that it has introduced ‘Portable Trackman’ and high-speed cameras and is applying them to pitcher training. 카지노

First, TrackMan is a device that provides various pitching data,

including speed, rotation speed, and vertical and horizontal movement.

SSG Team

Although it was originally installed only at the stadium,

this time the SSG team brought portable TrackMan equipment to the Biro Beach spring camp in Florida, USA.

Through this, the moment the pitcher lets go of the ball and various other numbers are checked to help with efficient training.

Additionally, the Edgetronic high-speed camera, which can shoot up to 10,000 frames per second, is being used in this training.

In addition, it is equipped with related equipment to check the automatic ball determination system (ABS) strike zone in advance.

The SSG club explained, “Under the guidance of pitcher coach Bae Young-soo,

the pitchers are testing various pitches to find the optimal grip.

Oh Won-seok and Park Min-ho are training with change-ups,

and Moon Seung-won is training with changes in his fastball grip.”

In addition, a ‘pitch clock’, a pitching time limit introduced on a trial basis in the first half of the year,

was installed at the training site.

Oh Won-seok said, “It’s good to be able to check it through a timer.

Going forward, I want to speed up the pitching tempo and reduce the amount of movement.”

One of the big changes in the KBO League this season is the expansion of the base size.

Accordingly, the SSG club has installed an enlarged base and is using it for base running training.

Coach Cho Dong-hwa said, “As the base size has increased,

aggressive base running has become more important.

We train players from the basics so that they can play optimally according to the situation.”

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