‘An unforgettable experience’ China FALCONS already looking forward to the second edition of the competition

The first large-scale Asian youth basketball tournament in South Korea has come to an end, but the aftermath is lingering for the participating teams.

The four-day ‘2024 Asian Youth Basketball Championship IN Chungju,’ which was held from Thursday, March 15 to Sunday, March 18, has come to an end. The tournament attracted 40 teams from 10 Asian countries, including Japan, the Philippines, and Taiwan, as well as 42 domestic youth clubs (approximately 900 players and 5,000 officials).

The Chinese Falcons were placed in Group A of the U18 Division, where they played against the defending U18 champions TONGTEX SEONDARY from Taiwan, Korean elite basketball club Chungju, 토토사이트 and Korean club KCC.

“The AYBC provided us with invaluable tournament experience. The tournament gave us the opportunity to compete against top teams from other Asian countries, which I think is very important for the growth of our team. Our players were able to learn not only basketball skills and tactics, but also how to overcome pressure and stay calm in intense matches. Overall, the AYBC was an unforgettable, challenging, and rewarding experience, and we are very grateful to have been a part of it,” said FALC.

When asked for an interview after the competition, the Falcons coach continued: “Our trip to Korea was fantastic. We received a warm welcome from our hosts and the facilities provided for the tournament were top-notch. We were happy to experience not only the basketball but also the Korean food and culture and to be welcomed by the Korean people. I’m sure it was a satisfying trip for the players as well,” he said.

Meanwhile, thanks to the satisfaction of many international and domestic teams, the organizers have announced plans to hold a second edition of the tournament as early as this year. The Falcons, who were drawn in a group of death in the first edition of the tournament, have already set their sights on the next Asian event.

“We hope to return to the AYBC for the second edition, as the opportunity to interact with teams from different countries and immerse ourselves in different basketball environments is something we value greatly. We are happy with the players’ first journey and look forward to seeing them develop further and continue their success in future tournaments,” concluded the coach.

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