21.6 billion in salary + 21.68 billion in bonuses “Mbappe Real agreed 99%”.

Spanish La Liga president Javier Tebas believes that Kylian Mbappe and Real Madrid have reached an agreement.

“If we know that Mbappe is leaving Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), there is a 99% chance that he will sign for Real,” Tebas said, as reported by France’s RMC Sport. But I don’t know if he has already signed a contract”.

RMC Sport added: ‘According to our information, Mbappe and Real have not yet reached a full agreement, but everything now points to Mbappe heading to Real this summer. Optimism has been reigning in Spain for weeks now, starting with La Liga president Tebas.

“Real don’t need to sell other players to get Mbappe,” Tebas said. Real’s strategy is not a short-term plan. Real is a club that is in the best shape financially,” he said, insisting that Real had no problem offering an astronomical contract to keep Mbappe.

Mbappe’s decision to leave PSG for Real was announced last week. Numerous sources, including the BBC, reported at the same time that Mbappe was heading to Real. ‘Mbappe, 25, has told PSG he plans to leave the club when his contract expires in June,’ the BBC reported at the time. PSG forward Mbappe has agreed to join Real this summer. Mbappe has yet to sign a contract with Real, but a deal could be announced once Real and PSG no longer face each other in this season’s Champions League, reports said.

The terms of Real’s offer to Mbappe were surprising. Mbappe’s contract with PSG expires at the end of this season, so no transfer fee would be required to sign him. So Real decided to use the transfer fee they had set aside for Mbappe as a signing bonus. Instead, they insisted that they would never pay Mbappe the kind of salary he currently earns at PSG.

According to the BBC, Mbappe’s salary was €15 million. This would be a huge pay cut for Mbappe, as he was earning more than €100 million at PSG. Real will pay Mbappe 150 million euros ($218 million) from the transfer fee.

When Mbappe left PSG for a new team, many thought he would make transfer fee history. But the reality is different. Mbappe is making free agency history with his new home. There’s a reason why Sky Sports reporter Kabe Sholhekol said of Mbappe’s move, “This will be the most expensive free agent transfer in the history of football.”

As Mbappe’s move to Real was being reported as a done deal, there were reports that the Emir of Qatar would meet with the player in person to make a final push to convince him to stay. However, this was reportedly not the case.

“Sources close to PSG have categorically denied that the Emir of Qatar will make a new offer to convince Mbappe to stay,” European transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano explained on social media on Sunday.

He added: “Mbappe already has a clean relationship with PSG. Today’s meeting 메이저사이트 is not about the future. Mbappe is already in preliminary talks with Real and has already informed them of his intention to leave the club.”

PSG is already preparing to say goodbye to Mbappe. In the 23rd round of the 2023-2024 Ligue 1 match between PSG and Stade Rennes on April 26, Mbappe was substituted for the first time this season. Trailing 0-1, PSG needed a goal, and Luis Enrique took off his ace.

He took off PSG’s most potent weapon and brought on Gonzalo Hammers, who scored a dramatic equalizer, but many wondered if the result would have been different if Mbappe had stayed on the field.

In response, Enrique was very adamant: he said after the game, “It’s very simple. If it happens sooner or later, we have to get used to playing without Mbappe. If I want to see Mbappe play, I will let him play, and if I don’t want him to play, I won’t let him play. This is a message for everyone,” he said, adding that he could replace Mbappe in the future.

In the first game after reports emerged that Mbappe had reached an agreement with Real, it was clear that Mbappe’s position had changed dramatically. PSG are already top of the league with a commanding goal difference, so they are preparing for a future without Mbappe. For Enrique, it’s an inevitable choice for the club’s future.


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