Ji-ni Kim and Namu Lee, Missed the Medal by ‘0.76 Points’

Youth Olympics Ji-ni Kim and Namu Lee, Who Missed the Medal by ‘0.76 Points’, “We Will Use it as an Experience”

4th place due to Twizzle mistake… Inamu, tangled in the steps, “I’m sorry to Genie”

Kim Ji-ni and Namu Lee (Gyeonggi Provincial Skating Federation),

promising figures in figure skating and ice dancing who narrowly missed out on a medal at the Youth Olympic Games,

could not hide their disappointment. 토토사이트

Kim Ji-ni

The two athletes ranked 4th in the ice dance free dance held at Gangneung Ice Arena in Gangwon-do on the 30th with 82.82 points and a final total score of 139.40 points, and said,

“It is very unfortunate that a mistake was made,

but we will use this competition as a stepping stone to achieve good results in the next competition.”

They all agreed.

Ji-ni Kim and Namu Lee continued their performance smoothly but made a mistake in the synchronized twizzle,

in which they rotated at a certain distance from each other.

The tree stumbled because the steps were tangled, and 1.14 points were deducted from the point of execution (GOE) for this acting element alone.

The disappointment was even greater as they fell behind by only 0.76 points to the bronze medalist group of Ashley Slatter and Seattle Ongay Perez (Great Britain, 140.16 points).

Namu Lee

Namu Lee, whom we met at the joint reporting area, said,

“I feel very sorry to (Kim) Genie for making a mistake,” and added, “I will reflect and work hard.”

The two players proudly said that they would use this tournament as an opportunity for growth.

Ji-ni Kim, who was wiping away tears in the background, said,

“This is my first time participating in a competition with such great pressure,” and added,

“I think another opportunity will come next time.

“I will use it as a good experience,” he said.

When asked to say something for the juniors who are starting ice dance,

Inamoo said, “I hope that the athletes competing in the next Youth Olympics will not feel regretful even if they make mistakes.”

He added, “Even if the results are bad, they will not regret anything.

“I hope you don’t get discouraged and run towards the future,” he said.

When asked, “I think he was saying this to himself,” he nodded, “It’s also said to me.”

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