North Korea’s Won Hyo-sim Wins Asian Weightlifting Title

North Korea’s Won Hyo-sim Wins Asian Weightlifting Title, Setting New World Record in Women’s 45kg Class

North Korea’s Won Hyo-sim (21) set a new world record and topped the women’s 45kg class at the Asian Weightlifting Championships.

Won Hyo-sim lifted 86kg in snatch, 106kg in clean and jerk,

and 192kg in total in the women’s 45kg class A group competition at the 2024 Asian Weightlifting Championships

held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on the 3rd (local time). 온라인카지노사이트

The gap with Siriwimon Phra Mongkol (29, Thailand),

who came in second place with a total of 163 kg (72 kg snatch, 91 kg clean and jerk), was 29 kg.

Won Hyo-sim

Won Hyo-sim, who confirmed his victory early on, attempted to set a record.

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) created a new weight class system

starting from the World Weightlifting Championships held in November 2018 and announced the world standard record.

The world standard records in the women’s 45kg class are 85kg in snatch, 108kg in jerk and jerk, and 191kg in total.

Won Hyo-shim was the first to surpass the standard record in this weight class,

which no one had achieved for over five years.

The IWF immediately recognized Won Hyo-sim’s snatch weight of 86 kg and total weight of 192 kg as a world record.

In the men’s 55kg class, North Korea’s Bang Eun-cheol (23) lifted 116kg in snatch,

150kg in clean and jerk, and 266kg in total,

beating Natawat Chomchuen (22, Thailand) by a total of 2kg to win the championship.

Chom Chuen lifted 119 kg in the snatch and beat Eun-cheol Bang.

However, in the clean and jerk, Chom Chuen lifted 145 kg in the first period and then failed at 149 kg in the second and third trials.

Bang Eun-cheol completed the comeback by lifting 150kg in the second period of the clean and jerk.

North Korea won both gold medals on the first day of this competition,

in which China did not participate.

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