F1 Max Verstafen, Saudi GP ‘Fall to Win’

F1 Max Verstafen, Saudi GP ‘Fall to Win’… 2 Consecutive Wins

18-year-old driver’ Behrman, ‘surprise 7th place’ in debut race

Last season’s Formula One (F1) World Championship ‘Driver Champion’ Max Verstafen (Red Bull) won two consecutive wins with ‘Fall to Win’ (1st place in qualifying, 1st place in final) in two consecutive competitions in the new season.

Perstafen recorded a record of 1 hour, 20 minutes, 43.273 seconds in the 2024 F1 World Championship 2nd round ‘Saudi Arabian Grand Prix (GP)’ held at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit (6.174km, 50 laps) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on the 10th (Korean time).

I was the first to receive a checkered flag. 카지노사이트

Perstafer, who enjoyed a thrilling victory with ‘Fall to Win’ at the Bahrain GP, ​

the opening game of the 2024 season last weekend,

is in the mood for ‘Perstafer World’ early this year as well,

winning ‘No. 1 in the preliminary round and No. 1 in the final’ even in the second round. made.

With this win, Perstafen recorded his 56th win in F1.

While Verstafen’s ‘teammate’ Sergio Perez took second place,

Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) ranked third and reached the podium for the first time this season.

Perstafen, who won two consecutive wins, took the lead with 51 driver ranking points,

followed by Perez (ranking points 36), who took second place in the opening two consecutive races.

Verstafen, who took first place in the preliminaries and started on grid number one in the finals,

maintained his lead until the last lap and comfortably won.

Perez, on the 3rd grid, also moved up to 2nd place on lap 4, overtaking Leclerc, who started on the 2nd grid.

The Red Bull team used the ‘double stack strategy’ in which Perstafen and Perez pitted at the same time on lap 8.

In the process, Perez, who was trying to quickly return to the track after pit-in,

obstructed the path of Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin),

who was coming in for pit-in, and received a 5-second penalty.

After finishing the pit stop, Perstafen was briefly pushed back to second place,

but rose back to the lead on lap 13, and continued to lead until the end,

beating Perez by 13.643 seconds and ending his second consecutive win.

Meanwhile, Oliver Behrman (Ferrari), an 18-year-old driver from England who made his F1 debut on this day,

experienced the joy of winning points (6 points) by ‘surprisingly’ finishing in 7th place.

The Ferrari team took the risk of inserting ‘reserve driver’ Behrman as Carlos Sainz underwent surgery for appendicitis on the 8th.

Behrman placed 11th in the preliminaries and then placed 7th in the finals,

performing well and earning ranking points, receiving loud applause from fans.

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