the direction in which e-sports should move forward

What is e-sports?
Esports is an abbreviation of “electronic sports,” which means sports activities through video game competition. It has grown into a large-scale industry with numerous fans and players worldwide, with individual or team competitions in various video game genres.

Esports is a fast-growing field that has gained worldwide popularity. Here are some suggestions on where to go:

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion: It is important to have athletes and fans from diverse backgrounds participate in the e-sports community and in the competition(안전놀이터). This includes promoting the participation of female athletes, athletes from diverse races and cultural backgrounds.

Developing education and training programs: It is important to clarify the path to becoming an esports athlete and to develop education and training programs that enable young athletes to develop skills and develop strategic thinking.

Strengthening Mental Health and Well-being Support: Since e-sports athletes perform under high levels of competition and pressure, it is important to strengthen their mental health support and well-being programs. It helps them to participate in games longer and healthier.

Establishing Professionalism and Ethical Standards: It is important to establish and maintain professionalism and ethical standards of conduct within the esports industry. This can include sportsmanship, transparent management of competitions, prevention of manipulation of competitions, etc.

Strengthening Connections with Global and Community: As e-sports is a worldwide phenomenon, it is important to strengthen connections with fans from various regions and promote e-sports events and tournaments in the community.

Sustainability Focus: Considering the environmental impact of eSports events and tournament operations, efforts should be made to run events in a sustainable manner.

If the e-sports industry develops in this direction, we will be able to create a healthier, sustainable, and open sports culture.

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