Buzz Bingo partners with Future Anthem

Buzz Bingo, operator of the U.K.’s largest retail bingo chain and the multi-award-winning brand, has partnered with leading AI solutions provider Future Anthem.

Future Anthem is delivering the Personalization module of its game-changing Amplifier AI, the all-in-one product built to personalize the player experience for everyone, that combines machine learning models and sophisticated data engineering.

Future Anthem’s unique algorithms – built for the gambling industry – humanize behavioral data with AI to enable real-time personalization that increases retention rates and improves commercial performance.

Personalization improves in-lobby game recommendations and will help, which offers the most popular slots and casino games in addition to online bingo, also optimize its game release pipeline.

David Evans, Digital Operations Director at Buzz Bingo, said: “Buzz Bingo strives to offer the best player experiences possible and we’re always looking for new, innovative ways to improve our gaming products. Working with Future Anthem to leverage their predictive models which create personalized recommendations takes our site personalization to the next level – we’re impressed with the outputs and results at this early stage.”

Chris Conroy, Chief Data Officer at Future Anthem, added: “Buzz Bingo integrating the Personalization module of Amplifier AI is another major endorsement of its capabilities. We’re excited to help them develop their offering, recommendations, and player interaction to underline Buzz Bingo as a stand-out online gaming brand.” 실시간 바카라사이트

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