Iraq’s Hussein gets kicked out for pretending to eat grass The reason is ‘game delay’

Ayman Hussein eating grass as a ceremony

The reason for the warning of Ayman Hussein, who suddenly held a grass-eating ceremony and gave Iraq an excuse to fall out of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup, was revealed to be ‘game delay’.

AFC announced on its website on the 2nd (Korean time), “Hussein’s expulsion was in accordance with Article 12 of the International Football Council’s Game Rules, ‘Disciplinary action for delay in match’ among fouls and illegal acts.”

In fact, if you look at the relevant article, ‘delaying the resumption of play’ is specified as an example of a foul for which a warning is given to the player.

AFC emphasized, “The second warning Hussein received was the referee’s correct decision under the game rules.”

As Hussein’s sudden exit was perceived as a direct trigger for Iraq’s elimination, and controversy ensued, the host, AFC, appears to have unusually provided an explanation for the individual decision.

AFC said, “We have received several inquiries surrounding the situation in which Hussein received a second yellow card and was sent off,” and added, “Our goal is to resolve these questions by providing the basis for the decision and comprehensive interpretation.”

Iraqi striker Hussein, who was the tournament’s leading scorer with six goals, walked around the ground and held a ‘walking ceremony’ after scoring a 2-1 goal in the 31st minute of the second half of the round of 16 against Jordan.

He didn’t stop there, he sat on the ground and pretended to put grass in his mouth. It seemed like a mockery of the eating ceremony of the Jordanian players who scored the first goal.

Then the referee took out a yellow card to Hussein.

Surrounding this decision, there was also an analysis that the referee interpreted the movement in question as an inflammatory act in accordance with the regulations that issue a warning when there is provocative or mocking content or gestures in the goal celebration.

However, the AFC’s official explanation is that the delay in the game itself is more problematic than such provocative actions.

Hussein, who had previously received a yellow card, was sent off due to accumulated warnings, which had a decisive impact on the subsequent flow of the game. After giving up two goals after being outnumbered, Iraq came from behind to lose 2-3 and fell to the round of 16.

Australian referee Alireza Pagani, who kicked Hussein out of the ground, became the victim of a mass terrorist attack that occurred online immediately after the game.

Thousands of malicious comments were posted on social media toward referee Pagani, who was born in Iran, and his detailed personal information was disclosed without permission, and a petition was even sent to FIFA to suspend his refereeing duties.

In relation to this, AFC said, “We strongly condemn threats, abuse, and disclosure of personal information toward tournament participants, including referees and players,” and condemned, “Such actions are against the spirit of fair play and are not respectful of the Asian soccer community.” did. 19가이드03

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