The reason why SSG ‘Lee Soong Yong-ho’ had his first meeting in uniform

SSG Landers’ first meeting of spring camp

SSG Landers, who began preparations for the new season in Biro Beach, Florida, USA under the new coach Lee Soong-yong (52), opened 2024 with the first official training on the 2nd (Korean time).

According to the SSG club, on this day’s first training day, all coaches and players held their first meeting wearing uniforms rather than practice clothes.

The SSG club explained, “It is Coach Lee Sung-yong’s idea. It is Coach Lee Sung-yong’s consideration to announce the start of ‘One Team’ and to enable coaches and players to quickly memorize each other’s faces and names.” 파워볼사이트

Coach Lee emphasized the original team first during the entire meeting.

It is known that he said in a strong tone that he would not forgive any coach or player for actions that forgot the original team.

He also promised to create an atmosphere where everyone can compete without prejudice.

The SSG team wore uniforms and greeted each other to ease the awkwardness.

Coach Lee asked each senior player to have a sense of responsibility as well as respect, as he will be considerate of their individual ‘routines’ (exercise habits). He also told young players that he will give them as many opportunities as they have shown, so they should train thinking that their current position is theirs. did.

Above all, we reaffirmed that the most important thing in camp is to prevent injuries and asked each person to pay thorough attention to their position.

The SSG squad finished the first day of training with light exercise, and the players showed good movement as they had built their bodies well during the off-season.

After training, a meeting regarding team defense was held to discuss how the players could move independently on the ground.

At the entire pitcher section meeting, Manager Lee took time to share the direction of the season.

Coach Lee asked the players to prepare by setting the main topics of active winning after the first pitch strike and second strike, and strategy following the introduction of the Automatic Ball Decision System (ABS) from camp to practice games, exhibition games, and the opening of the season. 온라인카지노

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