Lee Kang-In, Son Heung-min…and a 3-0 win over Thailand

The national soccer team, in crisis, beat Thailand 3-0 yesterday.

Goals from Son Heung-min and Lee Kang-in in particular turned around the team’s recent struggles.

At Lee Kang-in’s toe, the Thai defense collapses in one fell swoop.

A perfect forward pass from Cho Kyu-sung 먹튀검증 sent the ball into the box, where Lee finished with ease.

The first goal of the game set the tone for the rest of the match.

Once again, it was Lee Kang-in who opened the scoring.

He set up a clear chance for Son Heung-min and finished neatly.

Lee Kang-in assisted Son Heung-min’s goal, settling the controversy over the lower pole award.

Lee Kang-in ran to hug him, and Son Heung-min opened his arms to embrace him.

[Son Heung-min / South Korea National Football Team]
“I’m sure he’ll become an even better player, and I hope he’ll act with the idea that each of his actions should be an example for 50 million people, and (I) will help him a lot from the side.”

Son Heung-min also sent greetings to Son Jun-ho, who was released after 10 months in China.

[Field sound]
“Welcome back Junho!”

In the final minutes of the game, Park Jin-seob drove a wedge into the match.

Park, who first made the national team at the age of twenty-eight last year after coming up through the third division, was the hero of the game.

With a convincing victory, the team has all but secured a spot in the third round barring any upsets.

Fans gathered to welcome the team home today.

[Hwang Sun-hong / National Football Team Head Coach]
“I think that’s what I wanted, and I think that’s what the fans wanted, and I think it’s just a matter of showing a good performance.”

Coach Hwang Sun-hong, who played the role of ‘firefighter’, completed his mission with one win and one draw in the two A-match series.

Channel A News’ Hyun Yong Lee reports.

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