“Here’s my house, a 25-minute drive from camp”

“Here’s my house, a 25-minute drive from camp”

LG Twins foreign players Casey Kelly, Austin Dean, and Detrick Enns gathered at Kelly’s home to share a meal and socialize. Enns, who is playing for LG for the first time this year, received advice from Kelly and Austin about the KBO. .

LG, which is holding its spring training camp in the United States, had its first day off since the start of camp on April 4 (KST). LG is on a three-day training, one-day rest schedule.

Kelly is the only member of the LG squad who commutes to camp from home. Kelly has always lived in Scottsdale, where LG camps. Since the team began holding spring training in Scottsdale last year, Kelly has been traveling to and from camp from home instead of staying at the team hotel. “My house is a 25-minute drive from the camp,” she said.

On the fourth day, Kelly invited Austin and Enns over to his house.

On the fifth day of camp, Austin said, “Yesterday I had a rest day and was invited to Kelly’s house in the evening. We had dinner and talked with the foreign players and got to know Ens a little better. It was nice,” he said.

When asked about the food, Austin said, “Kelly made it homemade, so we had hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, and barbecue food. We had an American-style meal.”

“I didn’t cook much in the past, but when I had kids, I started cooking and it’s fun,” says Kelly. “Camp starts, everyone is in a different city, and you’re in a strange city for a month. We have a lot of space in our house, so I wanted to give them the comforts of home, 온라인카지노 so I invited them over. Ence has his family with him, and they came over and had a great time,” she said.

When asked about her cooking skills,

Kelly said, “I make great hamburgers and hot dogs. I’m good at grilling steaks, chicken, seafood, and other dishes.” “My best dish is chili,” she laughed.

“Since coming to LG, I’ve done two spring camps in Australia, two in Korea, and two here in Arizona,” Kelly said, “Australia was too hot. It was summer temperatures in Korea. Here in Arizona is the best,” he laughs.

LG recently held spring camps in Australia and Okinawa in 2019 and 2020, and two camps in Korea in 2021 and 2022 at LG Champions Park in Icheon due to COVID-19. Since last year, the team has been holding camp in Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s a great spring training location for Kelly.

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