Golden State emerges as potential candidate in George trade battle

The Golden State Warriors are looking to bolster their frontcourt.

“According to Brett Siegel of Clutch Points, the Warriors could be a potential suitor for LA Clippers forward Paul George (6-foot-10, 203 pounds).

George hasn’t gotten much attention on the trade market. While the Philadelphia 76ers and Orlando seemed to be the favorites to make a run at him, it appears that a new phase in the George saga has begun, as 카지노사이트킴 Philadelphia has reportedly not maintained its interest as much as before.

While it’s true that there are doubts about Philadelphia’s interest not being the same as it once was, the odds of Philadelphia, which has the most salary cap space, being skeptical about signing George may not be as high as it seems. That leaves the possibility that George could exercise his option and stay, much like James Harden (Clippers) did last season.

It would be realistic for him to exercise his option and stay and seek a new contract or request a trade. If George were to exercise his option and request a trade, it would give Golden State a horse in the bidding war. The Warriors would love to have Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and the rest of the team to challenge for a championship. Josiah could help them win a championship.

The Warriors have a full salary cap, making it difficult for them to make outside acquisitions. Adding power via trade is a realistic option. Aside from Klay Thompson and Chris Paul, Andrew Wiggins or Jonathon Cuminga could be a good option. If the deal is centered around Wiggins and Gary Payton II, it could be somewhat negotiable.

However, as mentioned earlier, there are preconditions. First, George must not be traded. Then, he must request a trade, assuming he stays. After that, Golden State would have to be the subject of negotiations, meaning that even if the Clippers make an offer that Golden State is happy with, they can’t take him back if they trade him elsewhere. Several gateways remain.

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