Professional basketball player Lee Kwan-hee, exclusive contract with Bonbon ENT Seong-Hoon Choo and Dong-Hyun Kim, one pot meal

LG Lee Kwan-hee ‘We will win today too’

Professional basketball star Lee Kwan-hee (DB) has a meal with sports player-turned broadcasters such as Choo Sung-hoon and Kim Dong-hyun.

On the 14th, Bonbon ENT announced, “We have signed an exclusive contract with Lee Kwan-hee.”

Lee Kwan-hee debuted on the professional stage at Seoul Samsung in 2011, and has been wearing the Changwon LG uniform since 2021.

Lee Kwan-hee, who played 54 regular league games last season and averaged 9.3 points, 1.9 rebounds, and 1.1 assists, moved to Wonju DB through a trade with Doo Kyung-min on the 4th.

Last year, Lee Kwan-hee appeared in season 3 of Netflix’s original dating program ‘Solo Hell’ and garnered a lot of attention.

Bonbon ENT includes sports athlete-turned-broadcasters such as Choo Seong-hoon, Kim Dong-hyun, and Lee Sang-hwa.

Bonbon ENT said, “Lee Kwan-hee is a versatile player who not only has skills but also a good looks. He has shown potential and potential as an entertainer,” and added, “We will provide support not only for broadcasting but also for his performance as an active player.” 스포츠토토

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