Noh Seung-hee says he “worked harder” after losing in overtime, advances to major championship

KLPGA Tour DB Group Korea Women’s Open 2nd round, 4 strokes shortened to 8 under par

Noh Seung-hee’s swing.

Noh Seung-hee, in her fifth year on the Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour, is poised to win her first major championship in a major tournament.

Noh Seung-hee hit 4 under par 68 in the second round of the DB Group Korea Women’s Open (total prize money of 1.2 billion won) held at Rainbow Hills Country Club (par 72) in Eumseong-gun, North Chungcheong Province on the 14th.

The DB Group Korea Women’s Open is a major tournament on the KLPGA Tour.

Noh Seung-hee, who tied for the lead with Bae So-hyun by hitting 68 in the first round, finished the second round with a midterm total of 8 under par and 136 strokes, occupying the top line of the leaderboard.

Unlike the previous day, when I made 4 birdies without a bogey, this day was different because I made 5 birdies and added 1 bogey.

Noh Seung-hee, who hit irons well and putts well in this tournament, said, “I hit slightly fewer iron shots today than yesterday, but I hit a few mid-to-long-distance putts.”

Noh Seung-hee, who debuted on the KLPGA tour in 2020, is not a very notable player.

However, he is evaluated as a player who improves every year.

Noh Seung-hee, who was 51st in the prize money rankings as a rookie, was 45th in his second year and 46th in his third year.

However, last year, he jumped to 22nd place in the prize money rankings, and this year, his performance improved so much that he ranked 13th in the money rankings and 9th in average stroke (70.4 strokes).

Noh Seung-hee said, “I thought that I had to hit the iron well to get good grades, so I focused on improving the accuracy of my iron shots every year during training camp. The effects of honing my iron shots are showing this year.

In fact, Noh Seung-hee’s green hit rate, which was outside the top 50 from 2020 to 2022, increased to 11th place (73.34%) last year and 9th place (75.97%) this year.

Seung-hee Noh said, “My goal was to maintain my seeding until the third year. After getting good results last year, I thought I could win, too.” He added, “I think winning doesn’t come suddenly, but you have to consistently achieve top 10 results to catch it.” He did not hide his expectations, saying, “I am looking forward to this year’s performance and consistent results.” 파워볼사이트

Noh Seung-hee has entered the top 10 five times in 12 competitions this year without missing the cut once.

In particular, she showed considerable confidence in Rainbow Hills Country Club, where the Korea Women’s Open is held.

Seung-hee Noh said, “It is a course where tee shot and iron shot accuracy is important, and I am that kind of player right now.” He added, “If I attack the remaining two days like I did the first and second rounds, I will get good results.”

Noh Seung-hee tied for 7th place in the DB Group Korea Women’s Open in 2022 and tied for 9th place last year.

The overtime loss suffered last year also served as medicine for Noh Seung-hee.

At the KG Ladies Open, she bowed out after failing to secure par on the first hole of the playoff with Seo Yeon-jeong.

Noh Seung-hee said, “Of course it’s disappointing, but I felt it wasn’t enough to win yet. It gave me an opportunity to work harder,” and added, “I’m confident that I’ll win if we go to overtime again.”

Last year’s Rookie of the Year Kim Min-byeol, who lost to Hong Ji-won in the overtime at the DB Group Korea Women’s Open and took second place, recorded a 4-under par 68 and enters the third round three strokes behind Noh Seung-hee.

Long hitter Bang Shin-sil reduced 3 strokes and reached the halfway point with a mid-term total of 4 under par, 140 strokes.

Defending champion Hong Ji-won recorded even par 72 strokes for two days in a row.

Lee Ye-won, who ranked first in the money rankings and was on the verge of missing the cut after failing to make a single birdie and losing 5 strokes in the first round, shot a 3-under-par 69 strokes and surpassed the cut line with a mid-term total of 2-over-par 146 strokes. 한국야동

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