Italy’s iGaming Market Remains Strong

Online gambling in Italy is still a big hit among consumers. The country repeatedly recorded high profits in this segment, and despite a slight decline in January was no exception.

Italy has made many achievements in the EyeGaming market. It’s been doing record-breaking activities in the last few months. This performance came despite reports of an increase in domestic black market games.

According to company consultant Pichom Leisure, the regulated market continues to perform well. According to iGaming figures in January, the segment reached the highest value in the last eight months of EUR 324.9 million ($358.8 million).

iGaming in Italy is still strong

January Online Casino Total Gaming revenue (GGR) has brought the most success in the market for iGaming in Italy. Sales in this segment increased 5% from the previous year at 171 million euros (188.8 million euros).

It also exceeded 165.5 million euros in December of the current year ($182.6 million), which is registered to date. In addition, this number is twice the number Italy recorded in January 2020. This is a strong signal that EyeGaming has established itself in the Italian game industry.

Although online casinos in Italy made big profits in the first few months of the year, the total amount of the EyeGaming market has dropped overall. This is a 3.3 percent decrease from the total loss in January 2021.

PokerStars continues to lead this field with a market share of almost 10%. With 8.79 percent, the brand is Sany, which owns Playtec, closely followed by Saizal with 7.93 percent. Floater Entertainment has just agreed to take over Sisal, which should be interesting to increase the company’s market share.

Poker Not as Interesting Anymore

Poker’s always gaining a lot of interest in Italy. Online poker sales in January were 11.4 million euros (12.6 million dollars) through tournaments and 7.5 million euros through cash games ($8.28 million). This is an increase from December 2021. However, it has moved away from the volume that fell a year ago.

Even then, COVID-19 was very confusing for economic and social activities and drove everyone into the interior. Well, with more freedom to do outdoor activities, online poker has lost a little.

In January of this year, poker stars dominated the online poker scene. It dominated more than 50% of online tournaments and 42.74% of all cash games.

Online bingo sales have also increased. In January, it was worth 6.1 million euros ($6.7 million), and soon it could be even more. Efforts to reduce the number of floor-backed bingo halls could be a catalyst for the growth of the online sector.

Sports betting with mixed results

Sports betting in Italy is still an attractive alternative. In the retail and online sectors, the GGR in January was 211 million euros ($233 million). This is one step higher than in December, but it’s 46.9% less than in January last year.

Among those numbers, online sports betting was the biggest winner. In January, the GGR amounted to 122.8 million euros ($142.3 million). That’s a considerable amount, but it’s still significantly below last year’s 143.6 million. One (US$158.6 million).

Snai was the biggest winner of the sports betting. With a 13.7 percent stake in the online market, Sisal ranks second with 13.3 percent. Other operators such as Bet365, PlanetWin365 and Eurobet each achieved a market share of about 10%.

More iGaming growth is approaching

Overall, Europe will have another growth in mind this year and beyond. H2 Gambling Capital reported last month that iGaming GGR 2022 together with the European Gambling Association could grow by 19% year-on-year. In three years, it will be 26% bigger than 2019.

Italy is one of many countries where iGaming offers growth opportunities. As the numbers show, this sector has no significant penetration into the larger gaming market. But it’s clear this sector is headed in the right direction because it’s growing all the time.

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