Shin Yubin crashes out of WTT Champions quarter-finals after losing to Sun Yingxia…

Shin Yubin (8th-Korean Air) failed to overcome world number one Sun Yingxia (CHN) and crashed out of the quarter-finals of the World Table Tennis (WTT) Champions Frankfurt.

Shin Yubin lost 1-3 (12-10 5-11 11-13 6-11) to Sun Yingxia in the women’s singles quarter-finals on the sixth day of the tournament in Frankfurt, Germany, on Wednesday (local time).

Shin, who won the women’s doubles gold medal at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, proved to be a top-level player, but it was not enough to overcome Sun Yingxia.

Sun Yingxia is the reigning champion, having won three titles in Hangzhou, including the women’s singles title.

She has been particularly strong against non-Chinese players, with only a handful of international losses.

Shin Yubin has an absolute disadvantage in her head-to-head record against Sun Yingxia, losing all six matches.

Both South Korean players in the quarter-finals were eliminated.

Zhu Tianhee (20th-Samsung Life), a naturalised Chinese player who took Korean citizenship in January 2020, lost narrowly to Wang Manyu (3rd-China) 2-3 (8-11 5-11 12-10 11-9 9-11).

The women’s singles quarter-finals came down to Sun Yingxia-Wang Yidi (5th, China) and Wang Manyu-Hina Hayata (4th, Japan).

In the men’s singles quarter-finals, Lim Jong-hoon 온라인카지노 (15th-Korea Exchange) and Lee Sang-soo (27th-Samsung Life) were also drawn side by side.

Lim lost 0-3 (9-11 5-11 10-12) to Wang Chuqin (2nd), who has emerged as China’s new ace after winning four titles in Hangzhou.

Lee Sang-soo lost 2-3 (8-11 13-11 11-6 12-14 8-11) to 17-year-old Félix Lebrun, the second of the Lebrun brothers, whom the French table tennis world has been grooming for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Although 33-year-old veteran Lee Sang-soo failed to break through the quarter-final threshold, he made waves by upsetting German powerhouse Timo Ball in the round of 32 and Chinese world number one Fan Zhen-dong in the round of 16.

Prior to this tournament, Lee had lost three matches to Ball and 14 to Fan Zhendong.

The men’s singles quarter-finals were drawn up with Le Brun-Ma Rung (3rd – China) and Lin Yun-ru (12th – Chinese Taipei) – Wang Chuchin.

The WTT Champions is the WTT event that offers the most ranking points and prize money after the Grand Smash and the Cup Finals, which are the “four majors” of tennis.

Korean players will compete in the WTT Contender event in Taiyuan, China from the 7th. 카지노사이트 순위

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