Kang Min-ji (15, Incheon Dongyang Middle School), a promising short track speed skater, shed tears after winning the silver medal in the women’s 500m final at the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games (Gangwon 2024) held at the Gangneung Ice Arena in Gangwon-do on the 22nd. I poured it.It wasn’t because of the disappointment of not winning the gold medal.It wasn’t just the joy of winning my first medal in this competition.It was because of the joy of winning a medal together with my friend Jaehee Jeong (Hangang Middle School), who had made a mistake in the women’s 1,500m and was unable to win a medal.After the game, Kang Min-ji said, “It was my first medal, and I was emotional at the fact that I was on the podium with Jae-hee. I am very happy to win a medal together.”

Jaehee Jeong failed to win a medal in the women’s 1,500m final held on the 20th after being caught up in China’s Yang Jinglu’s plan to sprint early in the race and run one lap first.If a certain athlete increases the speed in the beginning, you have to follow along, but the timing is missed and the race is messed up.Perhaps due to the aftermath of this game, Jaehee Jeong failed to win a medal in her main event, the women’s 1,000m.Kang Min-ji also failed to win a medal in the long-distance event, but it was even more unfortunate to see her friend making mistakes and being discouraged.The two athletes advanced side by side to the women’s 500m final, the final event of the short track individual competition held on this day, and dramatically won silver and bronze medals.

The two athletes, who were in 3rd and 4th place after the two Polish athletes, attempted to turn the tables in the last lap.Minji Kang crossed the finish line in 2nd place after squeezing through the in-course path on the last curve, and Jaehee Jeong, who was in 4th place, ran to the end and won a bronze medal amid a conflict with Cornelia Wozniak (Poland). The two athletes entered the joint coverage area side by side and posed with bright expressions, congratulating each other on winning medals.Kang Min-ji said, “Actually, I felt a lot of pressure in this competition, so I don’t think I performed well,” and added, “I thought today’s match was my last and did my best.”He then boldly stated, “I will definitely win the final race, the mixed relay, and we will all smile together.”In addition, he said, “I fell and made mistakes in this competition, but I think it will be a stepping stone 스포츠토토존 to growing into a good player,” and “I gained a lot of great experiences.

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