Why Morikawa took the first tee shot in the PGA Tour opener

The star of the first tee shot at The Sentry Tournament, which announces the opening of the 2024 PGA Tour, was Collin Morikawa (USA).Morikawa was the first to hit a tee shot in the first round of the tournament held at the Plantation Course in Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii, USA on the 5th (Korean time).The reason the PGA Tour gave Morikawa this honor is because his grandparents are from Hawaii.

Morikawa’s grandparents were born and ran a restaurant in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii, where a fire occurred last summer that killed 100 people and devastated a village. Morikawa, who won two major tournaments, said in an interview with the Associated Press, “We can talk about the final round, last shot, and first tee shot of a major tournament, but this tee shot was an absolute honor.” He added, “The first tournament of the season.” “Everything means a lot to me not because it’s here, but because it’s Maui,” he said.Morikawa tied for second place by hitting 8 under par 65 in the first round on the first day of the competition.The PGA Tour and The Sentry Tournament 슬롯게이밍 organizers are carrying out various activities to rebuild the region, and many players have made donations.

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