Ji-ni Kim and Namu Lee in Figure Skating

Youth Olympics Ah! 0.76 Points… Ji-ni Kim and Namu Lee in Figure Skating, Unfortunately Placed 4th in Ice Dancing

Stumbling from the twizzle… Failed to get a medal

Korea’s promising ice dance team, Kim Ji-ni and Namu Lee (Gyeonggi Provincial Skating Federation),

narrowly missed out on a medal at the Youth Olympic Games. 카지노사이트탑

Kim Ji-ni

The two athletes received 44.40 technical points (TES), 38.42 artistic points (PCS),

a total of 82.82 points in the ice dance free dance held at Gangneung Ice Arena in Gangwon-do on the 30th,

with a final total score of 139.40 points, including 56.58 points for rhythm dance, and 12 Ranked 4th among teams.

The two failed to win the bronze medal, falling behind by only 0.76 points to the third-place pair of Ashley Slatter and Seattle Ongay Perez (Great Britain, 140.16 points).

The gold medal went to Ambre Perrier and Samuel Blanc (France) with 155.35 points, and the silver medal went to Olivia Ilin and Dylan Kane (USA) with 142.38 points.

The two athletes began their performance to the lively melody of the original soundtrack of the free dance program

The Greatest Showman and warmed up with a one-foot step sequence (level 3).

Afterwards, a diagonal step sequence was performed using the entire silver plate.

Namu Lee

Here, Namu Lee received level 1 and Jinni Kim received level 2.

The acting went smoothly.

The two performed the straight line lift (level 4), in which the male athlete wraps around the female athlete,

without making a mistake, and even performed the choreographic assisted jump (level 1),

in which they performed a jump together, gracefully.

The two players also improved the quality of the stage by performing a dance spin (level 4) while holding each other.

However, a mistake occurred in the synchronized twizzle,

which rotates at regular intervals from each other.

Inamu’s steps were slightly tangled and he stumbled, and his score of execution (GOE) was reduced by 1.14 points.

Jinni Kim and Namu Lee continued their acting calmly.

Following the choreographic character step sequence,

Namu Lee received great applause by performing the rotating rotational lift (level 4) holding Jinni Kim without any mistakes.

The two athletes, who were unfortunately unable to stand on the podium,

will compete in the figure skating team event to be held on the 1st of next month and aim for a medal once again.

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