Anyang Gwanakhoe joins the purchase of FC Anyang membership ’90 tickets’

The Gwanak Association, a group of heads of institutions, businesses, and organizations in Anyang City, Gyeonggi-do, has joined the FC Anyang annual membership purchase relay to show their love for the home team.

The city of Anyang announced on Nov. 27 that members of the Gwanakhoe visited Anyang City Hall and 카지노사이트 purchased 90 membership tickets worth 8.4 million won ($8.4 million).

Kim Yong-gon, director of the Anyang Culture Center, Park Bok-man, chairman of the P-T-P Anyang Kwanak Chapter, Lee Eun-kyung, chairwoman of the Women’s Organization Council, and Choi Kwang-seok, chairman of the Anyang Small Business Association, participated in the purchase event.

The Gwanakhoe is an organization formed to contribute to community development by establishing a cooperation system between institutions, companies, and organizations in Anyang, and has been purchasing FC Anyang annual memberships every year to support the team.

In addition, Gwanakhoe, which has been practicing neighborly love by donating the purchased memberships to the local community, will donate them to social welfare centers in the city this year.

FC Anyang annual memberships can be purchased offline at the FC Anyang office and online through the ticket link.

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