Tongyeong City Basketball Sports Club aims for first win in boys’ championships

Tongyeong City Basketball Sports Club will compete in the National Youth Championship for the second consecutive year. This time, they hope to win their first victory.

Tongyeong City Basketball Sports Club, a school-based sports club supported by the Korea Sports Federation, will represent Gyeongnam in the boys’ championships for the second time in 2023, beating out Gimhae Donggwang-cho and Changwon Sahwa-cho. The boys’ basketball event will begin on the 24th in Gangjin, Jeollanam-do.

Currently, it is expected that the Tongyeong Basketball Sports Club, which is actively supported by the Tongyeong Basketball Association, will continue to represent Gyeongnam. The Tongyeong Basketball Sports Club has a lot to prove.

The Tongyeong City Basketball Sports Club proved it by reaching the finals of the Korea Basketball Association Jangbae National Elementary School Basketball Tournament in April.

“Every weekend, the kids came and trained during that time, and they did a good job, so I’m grateful for that,” said Ha Sung-ki, the head coach of the Tongyeong Basketball Sports Club, in a phone conversation. “I don’t have time to train on weekdays because I go to school. It’s a shame, but I’m proud of the players for following along,” he said, sharing how he prepared for the boys’ tournament.

The foundation of the Tongyeong Basketball Sports Club’s improvement was the Stobrig last winter.

“Kim Do-han, the president of the Tongyeong Basketball Association, made things happen. We played nine good teams, including Songjeongcho, Samgwangcho, Chilgokcho, and others, so we improved a lot. “Chairman Kim Do-han has a lot of momentum and does a good job of scouting,” he said. The players in the basketball club love to play basketball, so they have high potential.”

Park Si-hoo (16.3 points, 5.3 rebounds, 2.0 assists, 2.8 steals) and Kang Ha-yoon (7.8 points, 9.8 assists, 2.8 steals, 1.8 blocks) led the team in scoring and rebounding.

“I was surprised, too,” said Ha Sung-ki, referring to the team’s run to the final tournament. “Park Si-hoo played unexpectedly well as a guard, and 먹튀검증 Kang Ha-yoon, Kim Jae-yoon, and Kim Woo-bin did the same. Both offense and defense improved,” he reflected.

Tongyeong City Basketball Sports Club will be looking to improve on last year’s experience in the boys’ championship. Last year, they lost 27-37 to Jeju Seonbal.

Coach Ha Sung-ki said, “Last year, the players were nervous because it was their first appearance. We practiced less than this time. We played a big tournament like the boys’ championship for the first time without knowing anything.” ”This time, we played in the association championship, and our performance improved. The anxiety about the game disappeared. That was a big thing. Last year, I didn’t know what to expect, but this year I prepared well from the Stovrig,” he said.

Tongyeong City Basketball Sports Club’s first opponent was Busan Seongnam. Avoided a strong team. Daejinwoon isn”t bad. However, Busan Seongnam can also consider Daejinwoon to be good.

Coach Ha Sung-ki said, “(Busan Seongnam) has a good defense and an ace player, but he couldn’t play in the association championship because he had a cast. This time, he will play. I heard that when he comes out, the other players’ performance improves and the team’s balance improves.” ”Busan Seongnam has good defense and shooting. We have to take the first game. We have to trust our players.”

“We have a height advantage. Even if Seongnam or Songcheon (who they will likely face if they beat Seongnam) have better defense and fundamentals, we have to play post offense. We are over 170 centimeters tall,” he said, adding, ‘We want to play fast basketball, so it will be a fun game if we can play fast breaks.’

Coach Ha Sung-ki concluded, “I want to play this tournament for the players, and I am grateful that they practiced on weekends despite having less practice than other elite players. The players from the Tongyeong Basketball Sports Club were very supportive. I want to share the joy of winning the first boys’ championship with them so that their hard work is not in vain.” ”Chairman Kim Do-han gave me a lot of support, so I was able to come this far. I am grateful to the players,” he said, hoping for the first victory.

Tongyeong City Basketball Sports Club will play its first game against Busan Seongnam at 1:30 p.m. on the 25th.


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