K League 1 Incheon opens club-branded cafe in downtown area

Professional soccer K League 1 side Incheon United is opening a club-branded cafe in the city center.

Incheon United announced on Sunday that it will open a club-branded cafe, Incheon United FC Cafe, in the city center. Incheon, which became the first Korean professional sports club to open a flagship store in the city center in December last year, 안전카지노사이트 has now expanded to include a cafe.

This will help Incheon contribute to the Jemulpo Renaissance Project, which the city of Incheon is promoting as part of its urban revitalization efforts.

The café is not limited to the home stadium, but also provides a place for fans of the team and the city to interact with each other in everyday life and in the city center.

The Incheon club café is located on the first floor of an adjacent shopping center, less than a minute’s walk from the current flagship store, which is open 24/7. The idea is to promote Incheon and the K League in a natural way through the café, not only to fans who purchase club merchandising (MD) products at the flagship store, but also to the general public who visit Sinpo-dong.

Incheon is even planning to expand the club café to franchise stores throughout the Incheon region, and will organize regular special events for Incheon fans.

“We will carry out various marketing activities to make fans feel proud to support Incheon,” said an Incheon club official.

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