Overwhelming Chungbuk National University-Inha University, Eddie soared Sungkyunkwan University… Day 1 of Group A of the Southern Division ends

The 2024 Korean Air Volleyball National Championship Danyang has begun.

The 2024 Korean Airlines Volleyball Danyang National University Volleyball Tournament got underway at the Danyang National Sports Center on Day 1 of the Men’s A Group. As the first half of the 2024 KUSF U-League has concluded, the tournament in Danyang will continue to showcase the fierce competition among university players.

The first game of the day was the Group A match between Jungbu University and Hongik University. In this match, Chungbuk came out on top, sweeping Hongik University in straight sets 3-0 (25-19, 31-29, 25-17). Oh Jung-taek’s steady reception led to the firepower of Kim Yo-han and Na Woong-jin, while Son Chan-hong’s height also made his presence felt. Hongik University’s second-set reversal, in which they reached set point first, proved to be a fatal blow to their game. 메이저 토토사이트 Joo Po Mayumin and Sun Hong-woong were also unable to play their best after the second set loss, as they sagged a bit.

In the second match of Group A, Hanyang University swept Kyungpook National University 3-0 (25-23, 25-23, 25-19) after taking the first set and then winning a close second set. The first-year duo of Song Won-joon and Jang Bo-seok played well, while Lim Dong-gyun stood out in the center. Kim Dong-hyun’s time-difference error at 21-22 was the most painful in the match. The third set was similar to the first game. Hanyang University, with its momentum on the rise, overwhelmed the hesitant Kyunggi and secured a shutout victory.

Game 3 was a Group B match between Inha University and Kyungpook National University. Things were not looking good for Gyeongsangnam National University before the match. Middle blocker Kim Jun-seo suffered a thigh injury before traveling to Danyang, forcing Apogee Jeong Ho-yoon to step in at middle blocker. With the advantage in objective power, Inha University took advantage of the firepower of Lee Jae-hyun and Seo Hyun-il and the height of Choi Joon-hyuk and Seo Hyun-jin, and never faced a crisis throughout the match to earn a shutout win (25-11, 25-15, 25-13).

The fourth match was also in Group B. Chungnam National University and Sungkyunkwan University faced off. The first set was tightly contested, and after a back-and-forth battle for the lead, Chungnam won the first set thanks to the efforts of Jeon Woo-joon and Jang Ah-sung. In the second set, Sungkyunkwan University fought back with Kim Woo-gyeom’s exquisite serve in the middle and late in the set. The third set was Eddie’s time. He scored six consecutive service points in the middle and late stages of the set to defeat Chungnam National University in straight sets. The fourth set also tilted heavily in Sungkyunkwan University’s favor with Jung Hyun-tae’s serve, and Sungkyunkwan won the set 3-1 (22-25, 25-20, 25-13, 25-20).

The final match of the day was the Group B match between Chosun University and Kyung Hee University. In the first set, both teams did not play well. Frequent errors and unstable play ensued, and Kyung Hee University was the first to pull away after the 20-point mark. In the second set, both teams played better than in the first set. Chosun University’s Lee Seung-won and Kyung Hee University’s Park Ye-chan were the main guns. Chosun University was the more focused team in the second half of the set. After breaking through the 20-point mark, they showed good rebounding ability and succeeded in fighting back in the second set. The third set was also a tug-of-war between the two teams until 23-23, but Kyung Hee University, which effectively suppressed Bumsil, scored the last two points. Kyung Hee University continued its momentum into the fourth set. Overcoming an early deficit, the wing trio of Park Ye-chan, Jung Song-yoon, and Ma Yoon-seo overcame a deuce battle to secure the final victory (25-21, 20-25, 25-23, 27-25).

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