SSG ‘group corporal punishment’ suspended.assailants kicked out

‘SSG collective corporal punishment’ travel suspended…assailants dismissed

Three SSG second team players have been suspended after they were found to have used group corporal punishment and violence against their juniors. Lee Won-jun, who was already expelled from the club for assault with a baseball bat, will miss half the season even if he finds a new team. Suspensions have been handed down to the players of the SSG Future Team, the controversial team that assaulted a junior with a baseball bat and inflicted corporal punishment. The KBO made the decision after holding a punishment committee for SSG’s Lee Won-jun, Lee Ga-yeon, and Choi Sang-min. The players were found to have given their juniors a so-called “kick in the nuts” on June 6 at the Incheon Ganghwa Training Center when A, a rookie player this year, was acting cocky. Lee Won-jun, who hit A in the thigh with his bat twice in the process, was suspended for 72 games, half of a season, and Lee Yi-yeon and Choi Sang-min, who each took turns administering corporal punishment, 토토 were suspended for 30 games. The club had previously held its own disciplinary committee before the KBO’s punishment committee, calling the incident “a serious matter that hinders the development of professional baseball,” and decided to suspend Lee a week after the incident. Three years ago, SK Wyverns implemented its promised “one strike and you’re out” policy after players on its predecessor team, the Future Team, were caught drinking, driving without a license, and using corporal punishment. Lee Won-jun was a victim of corporal punishment at the time, making it all the more shocking. The KBO prohibits ‘double punishment’ by the club, but not ‘expulsion’. As a result, Lee was kicked out of the club and will miss half the season, even if he finds a new team.

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