Asian Games, Shooting Lee Won-ho and Kim Bo-mi

[Asian Games] Shooting Lee Won-ho and Kim Bo-mi, Mixed 10m Air Pistol Bronze Medal

Won-ho Lee (KB Kookmin Bank) and Bomi Kim (IBK Industrial Bank) won bronze medals in the mixed 10m air pistol shooting event at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

Won-ho Lee and Bomi Kim defeated Japan’s Seiji Morikawa and Satoko Yamada 16-8 to win the bronze medal in the mixed 10m air pistol bronze medal match held at the Fuyang Inhu Sports Center in Hangzhou, China on the 30th.

Lee Won-ho

Lee Won-ho, who was originally right-handed but was known for his story of shooting with his left arm after his right arm suddenly began to tremble while shooting in high school,

won his second medal following the silver medal in the men’s 10m air pistol on the 28th.

Kim Bomi is the first Asian Games runner-up. 바카라사이트

The shooting mixed air pistol competition begins with the finals,

in which one male and one female athlete from each country participate and shoot 30 shots each.

The top two teams in the final will advance directly to the gold medal match,

the 3rd, 6th, and 4th and 5th place teams will face each other with two bronze medals at stake.

In the bronze medal match, each team shoots once,

then the team with the higher score receives 2 points, and if the score is tied, 1 point is shared.

The team that reaches 16 points first wins.

Kim Bo-mi

Originally, Won-ho Lee and Si-yoon Lee (Imsil County Office) were scheduled to work together,

but Korea sent out Kim Bo-mi, who was the highest ranked Korean player (9th place) in the women’s game the previous day,

as a female player, and in the finals on this day, India (577 points) and China (576 points) and ranked 4th after Iran (575 points).

Won-ho Lee scored 290 points and Bo-mi Kim 284 points, making up 574 points together.

They fell 2 points behind China in second place and were unable to advance to the gold medal match, resulting in a ‘Korea-Japan match‘ that decided the bronze medal.

The bronze medal match was tense for a moment in the beginning,

but Japan’s Yamada only hit the 7-point range in the third and fourth shots,

Korea took a 7-3 lead, later widening the gap.

Afterwards, Yamada began to regain the zero point and Japan caught up with 14-8 after the 11th shot,

but Korea did not allow the chase any further.

In the gold medal match that followed, China won 16-14 over India in a close match,

taking home its 13th gold medal in shooting at this tournament.

This is the most gold medals in shooting, overwhelming second place India (6).

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