Korea’s First Ever Bronze Medal in ‘Uzbek Judo’ Kurashi

[Asian Games] Korea’s First Ever Bronze Medal in ‘Uzbek Judo’ Kurashi

Men’s under-66kg Kwon Jae-deok and over-90kg Jeong Jun-yong won bronze medals

Korea’s first medal in Asian Games history came from Kurash, a traditional martial art from Uzbekistan.

Asian Games Kurashi

On the first day of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Kurashi competition held at the Xiaoshan Linfu Gymnasium in Hangzhou, China on the 30th,

Korea won two bronze medals, with Kwon Jae-deok in the men’s under-66kg category and Jeong Jun-yong taking third place in the men’s over-90kg category. 카지노사이트

This is Korea’s first medal in Kurash, which was adopted as an official event at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games.

In the Asian Games Kurashi, all semifinal losers are awarded bronze medals.

Kurashi is a sport widely enjoyed in Uzbekistan, Central Asia, and the Middle East,

its name means ‘reaching the goal in a fair way’ in Uzbekistan.

There are many similarities to Judo in terms of techniques and game style,

but the difference is that you must not attack the lower body.

In the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang competition,

Korea had two participants but did not win a prize,

but produced its first prize-winner in the second attempt.

Kwon Jae-deok

Kwon Jae-deok, who finished second at last year’s World Championships (under 73 kg) was evaluated as a promising star at this Asian Games,

became the protagonist of the ‘first medal’.

In the round of 16, Kwon Jae-deok defeated Keshav Keshav (India) in the round of 16,

defeated Shamuhamed Kurbanov (Turkmenistan) in the quarter-finals.

And succeeded in entering the medal zone.

In the semifinals, he lost to Artyom Shturbabin (Uzbekistan) and did not advance to the finals.

In the men’s over 90kg weight class that was held next,

Jeong Jun-yong advanced to the semifinals and won a bronze medal against Korea’s Kurasi.

On this day, Jung Jun-yong secured a medal by defeating Hussein Misri (Kuwait) in the round of 16 and Satler Nassif (Lebanon) in the quarterfinals,

lost to Teyen Teyenov (Turkmenistan) in the semifinals.

A Korean athlete also participated in the women’s 52kg and under class held on this day,

but Oh Young-ji was eliminated in the quarterfinals and Lee Yeju was eliminated in the round of 16,

so there were no additional winners.

In addition to these events, Korea also participated in this event

with Lee Sun-ah and Ahn Ye-seul in the women’s under-70kg class and Kim Min-gyu in the men’s under-90kg class.

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