Eric Dier (30, Bayern Munich) will return to the bench.

Eric Dier (30, Bayern Munich) will return to the bench.

“Tuchel is considering a change in the central defense,” FCB Inside Germany reported on May 5 (below). He announced the changes in a press conference ahead of the away match against Heidenheim,” reported ‘FCB Inside’ on May 5.

Bayern Munich will face Heidenheim in the 28th round of the 2023-2024 German Bundesliga at 10:30 p.m. ET on Sept. 6 at the Heidenheimer Förth Arena in Heidenheim, Germany.

Seven games remain until the end of the season. Bayern Munich is in second place with 19 wins, three draws, and five losses and 60 points. The gap between them and leader Leverkusen (73 points) is a whopping 13 points. Bayern Munich’s bid for a 12th consecutive Bundesliga title is effectively over.

Bayern Munich will likely rotate in this game. Let’s face it, the league title race is over, and Heidenheim is 11th in the league, not exactly a powerhouse. It’s a good time to manage the fitness of key players.

Plus, they have to travel to Arsenal in midweek. 바카라사이트 Bayern Munich will fly to London, England, to face Arsenal in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals on Tuesday.

Changes are expected, especially in central defense.

Thomas Tuchel has recently put his faith in the Eric Dier-Matthias Dier partnership, saying before the last game against Darmstadt: “Dier and Dier win games and work well together. They work well with fullbacks and defensive midfielders. The communication between them is very good,” he said.

Instead, Kim Min-Jae was relegated to the bench for the fourth consecutive match. He didn’t even step on the turf until late in the second half against Mainz, when he came on as a substitute. This was the first time in his career that he had been benched, and it led to Manchester United and Inter Milan transfer speculation.

Kim told Germany’s T-Online, “I’ve never experienced anything like this before. But I can learn from it. I don’t have any complaints. I’m training hard. I’m confident that I can show my ability at any time,” he said calmly.

Doubts about the Dier-Der Licht duo are growing after the ‘der Klassiker’ defeat. Bayern Munich were brought to their knees by Dortmund 0-2 at home on March 31st. It was their first home defeat in the league since 2014 and their first in 10 years.

Dier and der Licht did not perform well.

The duo struggled to control Dortmund’s counterattacks, exposing the problems of slow running and narrow defensive coverage. The winning formula that had been established with Lazio and two of the Bundesliga’s bottom two teams (Mainz and Darmstadt) quickly came to an end.

“Tuchel must decide what tactical measures to take to get his team back on track after the loss at Dortmund,” FCB Insider said. One change is likely to be in central defense. Der Licht and Dier will no longer occupy the center of the defense.”

Tuchel, who saw no reason to change the defense, changed his mind. “The way we played (against Dortmund) and the result was the first sign that the cards will be shuffled again,” he said in a press conference a day before the Heidenheim game. We haven’t decided (who will play tomorrow) yet,” he said.

Tuchel added: “We have four good central defenders. We will decide who will play every game. We haven’t made any decisions for tomorrow or the rest of the games. We have turned the clock back,” he added. It’s a hint that Kim Min-Jae or Upamecano could get a chance.

It will be Dyer, not Der Licht, who is expected to make the change.

Tuchel added: “I am very happy with the way Der Licht has played in recent weeks. He also played against Dortmund,” Tuchel said, “Der Licht did very well against Dortmund. He has a very good partnership with Kim Min-Jae and Dayo Upamecano,” he added.

FCB Insider added: “Tuchel has relied on a consistent lineup in the past, but now he will evaluate strictly on performance. The Bayern Munich defense was poor against Dortmund. They were at fault for the two goals because they were passive,” said the source. “Nevertheless, Der Licht is expected to play a role in the Bayern Munich defense going forward.”

Germany’s Bavarian Football Works also predicted that Kim Min-Jae will start in place of Dyer. “This could be a good time to rest Upamecano and Kim Min-Jae, who have not played recently,” the publication added.

Dier has expressed a lot of confidence after making the leap from the Tottenham bench to the Bayern Munich first team. He’s even fired up about a return to the England squad. 사설 토토사이트 “The thing I’m most proud of is that I just persevered,” he told The Athletic recently, “I trained hard every day, I tried to keep fit, so when I got to Bayern Munich I was ready to play.”

However, Dyer was disappointing against Dortmund and is now facing the prospect of having to compete from scratch again. If Kim proves his worth against Heidenheim, Tuchel’s faith in Dyer could change.

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