1R 7th-ranked road construction company → 1G appearance → release → Gwangju…’181cm MB’ Lim Joo-eun starts new life in Pepper

Middle blocker Lim Joo-eun (21), recently released from Korea Expressway Corporation, is starting a new life at Pepper Savings Bank.

“Lim Joo-eun is expected to make a new start at Pepper Savings Bank after being released from Korea Expressway Corporation,” a volleyball insider said recently.

A representative from Pepper Savings Bank also told MK Sports on July 7, “It is correct that Lim Joo-eun is coming to 안전 토토사이트 Pepper Savings Bank, and she will join the team on the 13th.”

Lim Joo-eun, a 6-foot-4 middle blocker from Jecheon Girls’ High School, was selected with the seventh overall pick in the first round of the 2022 rookie draft. He was a good blocker and showed strength in the fast break.

However, the barrier to the professional stage was high. He only appeared in one game (one set) in his rookie season in 2022-23. The team reached the playoffs and the championship match, but Lim was blocked by Jung Dae-young, Bae Yu-na, and the wall.

In the 2023-24 season, she didn’t play a single match at all. With the arrival of Bae Yoo-na, rookie Maxim Kim Se-bin, and the addition of Choi Ga-eun from Pepper Savings Bank, the space became even tighter. She had to watch from the warm-up zone. On March 14, 2023, the match against Pepper Savings Bank became their first and last game in road construction uniforms.

Pepper Savings Bank, along with Imiso and Baek Chae-rim, were recently notified of their release by the DOT. Pepper Savings Bank needed to reinforce their middle blockers. Seo Chae-won left for GS Caltex as a free agent compensation player, and Asia Quarter player M.J. Phillips (registered name Phillips) was not re-signed.

The team acquired No. 1 middle blocker Zhang Yu through the Asian Quarter, but their only remaining domestic resources are Ha Hye-jin and Park Yeon-hwa. Pepper Savings Bank head coach Choi Sang-yeon recognized the potential of former first-rounder Lim Joo-eun, and she was able to add to the team’s backup depth.

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